Twisted Metal PS3 is underwhelming

Am I the only person who was completely underwhelmed by the Twisted Metal PS3 reveal at E3 2010?

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movements4915d ago

You can't say that when you haven't even tested out the full thing.

GWAVE4915d ago

Journalistic trolling.

I thought I'd never see the day. /s

Bobbykotickrulesz4915d ago

I wasn't underwhelmed at all. But I also wasn't overwhelmed. It looks fun, there's no denying that, but to me I need to see some more of the game to get really hyped for it.

It looks like classic TM games which is awesome. But still, I'm not as excited for it as I am for a game such as Gran Turismo 5, inFamous 2, or Final Fantasy 14.

WhatARump4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

many people love twisted metal... it's just not my type of game though x)

I wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 but NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ah well, atleast Twisted Metal fans are happy ^^

Donny4915d ago

i love how the new tm has factions like dolls, and the clowns, looks to be a great game. ;)

Eamon4915d ago

It's true you shouldn't judge a game without trying it.

But as for the presentation itself, I too felt it was underwhelming.

ThanatosDMC4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

I agree though. There has to be something more since we've played Twisted Metal games to death. It dont see the game as a $59.99 worthwhile purchase. Also 16 players is a tad bit small... but that's just me.

Also, the fun factor is different now unlike back in the day when we played it with close friends or family members next to us.

I hope this game cost less than $40 but i doubt it so i'll wait when the first million of people buy it so they could lower down the price. Not to mention it doesnt look like a huge graphical upgrade compared to TM Black. It looks just like an HD version of it including the freeway map.

It'd would have been nice if they added Burnout Paradise/Motorstorm type of car destruction in the game when your car is hit by a missile or something...

Tomdc4915d ago

he can say that because he was talking about the reveal. he wasn't passing judgment on the quality of the game just his impressions of the quality of the game. He also highlights the fact he knows he is in the minority with his opinion.

Dam those journalists for forming individual opinions about recent game announcements!! The cheek!!

sikbeta4915d ago

"Journalistic trolling"

Sorry, but who is the "journalist" you're referring?

This one is not a Journalist, this is dude is a JOKE...

evrfighter4915d ago

I'm buying TM but I'm not expecting a revolution. I just miss Twisted Metal. I don't care about raising the bar, innovation blah blah blah

I just once again wanna roll around as Axel and Thumper and blow sh*t up.

You're gonna be sorely disappointed if you're expecting the greatest game evar!!!!!

rexus123454915d ago

author decides to show a demo video which ends right before the good stuff were shown. The second part of the presentation showed so much more chaos and mayhem that is simply amazing.

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HighDefinition4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

Kinect is Underwhelming....Twisted Metal PS3 is OVERWHELMING.

happyface4915d ago Show
Razmossis4915d ago

I used to play it all the time as a kid on 2 player, and that was great... but I dont know why everyone is treating this as a MEGATON announcement, the game was never amazing in the first place, it was a good 2 player game, but not amazing.

maddhatter1234915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

happyface, unlike the 360 gameplay and graphics go hand in hand on the ps3 we don't have to choose. just look at the last 3 game of the year winners mgs4, lbp and uc2.

Panthers4915d ago

I think you dont know PS fans that well. People buy PS3 over 360 cuz we dont just want FPS, which all FPS is about is graphics. Twisted Metal is a Playstation classic. I think you will be surprised at how well it does.

Sitdown4915d ago

somebody posts an unfavorable view on a game/system, and like clockworth, the supporter of that particular game/system lashes back by bashing an item connected to the competitor. Ahhhh....its like grade school all over again; oh you silly egocentric gamers.

Yardie4915d ago

This isn't about "xbox vs ps3", the writer doesn't like the look of the game in it's current state, the writer didn't mention Kinect, so why do you feel the need to?

Why do people automatically assume that somebody is a fanboy when they say something negative about an exclusive game?

why do you have over 40 agrees?

BBAM4915d ago

well said, +bubbles
you give hope that N4G does have people with some sense in them

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callahan094915d ago

Yeah, Twisted Metal isn't going to win any graphics awards, but every time I watch gameplay footage I'm blown away by how uncompromisingly FUN it looks. The speed, the weapons, the level design, it all just looks like a complete blast to play. Absolutely can't wait for this game.

Sheikh Yerbouti4915d ago

Bubs bruh,

What I remember most about Twisted Metal games are the level designs, atmosphere and gameplay. We haven't seen much of either to decide. Graphics do make it look like a PSN game, and you are not playing an epic story like a Killzone, Gears or Uncharted. But if you were wanting these first and foremost in Twisted Metal, you weren't wanting Twisted Metal anyway.

Panthers4915d ago

Exactly. TM is all about the fast chaotic arcade gameplay. I cant wait. This game seems to capture all the glory of TM2 and then some.

SpLinT4915d ago

agree. i bet this guy plays Hollywood games like GoW3 and finishes it in 8 hours and is happy mashing the buttons on screen. I'll be playing TM for months, playing the game mode Nuke stealing the leader of the enemy team and controlling a missile to blow their statue while avoiding getting destroyed by enemy helicopters.

raztad4915d ago


"i bet this guy plays Hollywood games like GoW3" Bro keep GoW3 out of this, both (GoW and TM) are Jaffes creations.


"Graphics do make it look like a PSN game" Talk about exaggeration. Game has huge maps, high framerate (looks to be substantially higher than 30fps) , textures and lighting are looking good. Considering game is very early, I'd say it would be easy on the eyes on release. Not KZ3 good, but not every game can be KZ3.

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TROLL EATER4915d ago ShowReplies(9)
villevalorox4915d ago

Sure the graphics looked like crap, but I'll bet it is still in pre-alpha. This game is going to be amazing, gamplay and graphics. :) can't wait.

jeseth4915d ago

No matter what kind of gamer you are, Twisted Metal is pure fun. Its one of those kinds of games that can be as fun or as competitive as you want it to be.

You can screw around and try to just blow stuff up or you can maje it into one of the most competitive games you play. Its kind of like Mario Kart (and now Modnation Racers).

Maybe this guy is just too serious. If he is, he's missing out! Twisted Metal is a blast!

iceman064915d ago

The younger gamers seem to be more of the "graphix whores". They don't have the perspective to see that a game doesn't have to be jaw-dropping to be a blast to play. Being spoiled by "next-gen" graphics is cool, but with the perspective that pretty only lasts so long before you get to the core...the substance of the game play. THAT is what lasts. Plus, TM has a pedigree and history with the Playstation gamer.

Chris3994915d ago

If this was my article, I would have said something like: I respect the work that has been done on the game, looks fun in a chaotic, blasty sort of way.

That said, I would have rather seen Last Guardian or a JRPG.

But that's just my preference.

The difference is that I'm not preaching it as FACT, which a lot of these "journalists" tend to do. Opinion =/= fact. In this case, the person isn't even a journalist, just another blogger though.