Xbox 360 Slim Overheating Issues Already Discovered?

Gamer Syndrome: Images have been posted of an Xbox 360 Slim (which hasn't even been out for a week) suffering from the Red Dot of Death.

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HarryM4061d ago

I just can't believe it's already happened. :S

Redrum0594061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

i knew it.

atleast it shuts itself down before the heat destroys it completely.

Consoldtobots4061d ago

what do you mean you "can't believe it"? With MS it's EXPECTED as they are completely incompetent designing hardware.

No Way4061d ago

Eh, the first xbox was jus fine..
Seems they jus can't get it right, for the x360.

Every company has had their faults though.
Jus as long as MS figures this shit out for the 3rd.

evrfighter4061d ago

that kinda happens to gaming systems when you wrap it in a blanket and continue to play it.

they should have waited a few months before they tried to kill the consoole. would have made it more believable.

ryuzu4061d ago

The first Xbox was also prone to failures - DVD went pretty quickly on mine (PS2 had similar problems, although my launch concosle never failed and is still working now).


hamoor4061d ago

thats proves nothing
i can wrap my ps3 till it YLOD then claiming its a fail hardware

PhantomT14124061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Agreed. And that confirms I won't ever buy a Microsoft hardware again! My first Xbox was RRoD after 3 months. It's my second one (that's still not too much compared to some who are at their third or fourth), and this one is making atrocious vent noises, damn, it's like I was in an airplane. I also got a controller battery down, along with my wireless headset and wireless game reciever for PC.

Sheikh Yerbouti4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I don't understand why I get disagrees - I'm stating a simple fact. Nothing's ever 100% fail proof.

Fanboys can take it to mean RROD is never truly gone, or that this one instance is meaningless, because some errors can be expected.

kewlkat0074061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

is correct, regardless your always going to have some failures, my PS3's Laser died before my Falcon 360 did and we know all the Fat PS3 are in danger.

Besides, a manufacturer making something 100% failprrof, well that will never happen but keep failures low enough so it's not a recall(Not sure how MS escaped that one with the Original 360 Skus) but anyhow a percentage of failure is probably accepted within manufacturing.

You know the only problem I have had this generation with consoles have been my Wii(Sent back twice for Graphic card causing streaking lines errors) and my PS3 Laser will no longer read anything I throw at it, all the sudden.(did some research its well known, beware of your FAT PS3))

In this case who knows the environment or how this 360 was treated. The system does what it's suppose to without proper ventilation. That's like a computer shutting down if the CPU gets too hot.

Why o why4061d ago

you're unlucky with consoles.

danielle0074061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

You kids are silly gooses.. geese. whatever. Silly. With the new arcades and elites, I haven't heard of a single RROD. I work at GameStop, and I really would have. People, especially parents, always come to us when there's any problems first before doing other junk. The only RRODs I hear about anymore is if someone plays russian roulette and buys a used 360, which we always warn people against, because they tend to be older ones.

But, anyways, it would be super easy to buy a slim, wrap it in a towel, and make this happen, especially since it didn't even kill it, apparently, since the message said that it was powering down and junk, but you can turn it back on later. The slim has huge vents, that the arcades and elites don't even have. I can't see this as being from normal circumstances. If I was a dbag, I could go wrap my PS3 in a towel, too. and be like OHEMGEE YLODYLOD IT'S MELTINGG. WHAT A WORLD.. would that prove anything? No. Not quite. Just like this doesn't actually prove anything.

Except it proves that M$ did put those sensors in and that when it gets too hot it'll shut down to protect it, just incase. I think that's showing that they own up to their past problems, and they're doing something about it. It's actually pretty awesome.

FragMnTagM4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Where that console is at is a really bad spot. I wouldn't stick any high end electronics in an entertainment center. I have both my PS3 slim and the 360 slim in a well ventilated area. Only retards would put their console in a spot like that.

Edit: Well said danielle007 +bubs.

Boody-Bandit4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

That is plenty of space for a 360 to get ventilation. It's not like the shelf above only has a couple inch clearance. My audio rack that houses 7500 watts of amplification, a sound processor, satellite receiver, BluRay player, and 2 gaming consoles, has never had any issues and it has a 2" clearance height for each unit.

Now my audio cabinet is climate controlled by do you have any idea what a 2k watt speaker amp puts out and one stacked over another plus all that other equipment?

Whether or not this article is true does not excuse the fact that this problem should have never existed at this high a level of failure rate. Each revision from MS reduced the level of failure but I myself will wait and see if it is finally to acceptable rates of below 3%. I am not overly confident it is.

I have had 360 units fail on me sitting by itself on a completely open ended entertainment cabinet with rubber risers (feet) under neath it for added clearance height. This new unit would be best served if it was positioned upright by that isn't feasible for all people. Stop trying to act like it's the fault of the user / consumer. This is on MS.

MS has had 5 years to get the 360 right. Only time will tell if this is a fanboy scam or reality. MS added a sticker saying don't move the unit while there is a disc in the tray and powered on. Maybe they should add a unit clearance spec sticker as well.

morganfell4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

@ryuzu - The infamous Thompson Drive.

@danielle - Putting sensors in the unit isn't fixing the problem. In fact, if they can get the unit to shut down it only stops Microsoft from actually having to pay money to fix the unit. "Your unit isn't defective, it is simply protecting itself."

Pawning this off like it is an additional feature is absurd. As someone that is on their 5th and final 360 I am not surprised by this level of incompetence. An incompetence that should in no way be rewarded.

If your mechanic only put one lug nut on your car's tire but also arranged for the car to come to a stop before the tire fell off would you consider that engineering worthy of praise? Of course not. Like the first 360 it is no surprise MS failed to properly test a design. The same level of heat placed in a smaller area will actually raised the temperature. Now MS says this 360 is quieter. Oh great, lower fan RPMs. Just what the 360 needs.

There are consoles that can take it, and consoles that can't.

EvilBlackCat4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


PAY ATTENTION to this images

Also look at this famous video

Where is the white xbox360 name in the disc tray?

where this guy bought his slim? in china?

well who moves a console while is playing a game anyway right?


FAKE 360s ? maybe?

time will tell

HolyOrangeCows4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

well that's what happens when you stick to problematic design choices like the inclusion of the dreaded X-clamp.

bioshock12214061d ago

I agree with @Danielle007 I just bought a new Xbox 360 slim and they never get hot at all. It's always cold compare to my old elite which use to get hot on the sides, the new xbox 360 pushes a lot of hot air out but I guess that is a good thing because instead of keeping it in it pushes it out. It also never gets hot on the sides.

I knew someone would get one and probably force it to RROD and then post it in some forum and try to make a big deal about it. Especially someone from neogaf. Just look at how the guy responded laughing about it. If it was true he would be mad not laughing.

Gamerbee4061d ago

Every bot has come to defend the honor!!

Excuses like
WHo moves their console anyway?
How is this a bad thing?
Everything has a fault!

Tsk tsk tsk..Just face it. One week & its already faulty. The entire Xbox generation is just a cheap POS. Face it.PS3 is quality gaming. Both hardware & software. Best games. Best Console.

That is all.

ThanatosDMC4061d ago

^ Wow, I just saw that "dont do that" video. It sounded really bad and he just slightly tilted the console too.

Also, the RDOD (Red Dot of Death) may have been on purpose... at least 360 gamers should hope it was on purpose or they'll be spending some weeks not playing again.

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Deathracer4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Is an error message popping up telling you your system is going to shut down so it doesn't overheat and break a bad thing. I sure as hell would love my system to tell me when its about to over heat so it doesn't shit out on me.

Pics mean nothing when it comes to overheating because no one knows the persons environment and how ventilated that area really is. Now if it was to actually RDOD and break, then that's a different story.

EDIT: Look at his damn entertainment stand, its dusty and nasty as hell no wounder the thing over heated. I could write a paragraph within the dust on that stand.

HarryM4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

That's true. The person could of rapped it with anything and kept it on for days.. Who know..

Bobbykotickrulesz4061d ago

Yes. They spent 300 dollars on a console so they could prove points to fanboys online?

What a stupid thing to say. Sounds like something one of you would do though.

Clearly the system is faulty.

mynd4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Form the article -
“Red Dot of Death”- It’s the same as the Red Ring of Death

Uh, no, no its not, if this system overheats and tell you its shutting down that thermal protection, not a RROD.

Rather red than Dead.

More informaiton if required regarding this system, hell it could be just be a stuck fan.

TengkuAmir104061d ago

Blame anything you can fanboy. It ain't working. I put my PS3 and it collects a lot of dust along with my 360 Elite(which isn't dead yet) and yet, they don't die or do anything weird. 360 is crappy (as in hardware fails a lot) accept that. Convincing yourself can only change what your mind accepts not the reality of it. Luckily, I haven't bought this model yet cos I was thinking of replacing my Elite. This model looks cool and glossy like my fat PS3 and for that very reason, I'm thinking of changing my model. :)


No Way4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

First of all, who said they bought it? lol.
Second, some people are jus, well.. committed.
I honestly wouldn't put it past some people on this site..

peeps4061d ago

"Look at his damn entertainment stand, its dusty and nasty as hell no wounder the thing over heated. I could write a paragraph within the dust on that stand."

Doesn't look that dusty tbh, just marked.

anyway, giving an error message to avoid damage is good but it would still be annoying as hell if this happened often. Even if that stand is slightly dusty (doesn't seem as bad as your comment made it out to be) that space looks to have more than enough room to provide sufficient ventilation

BattleAxe4061d ago

I'd prefer to own a system that just doesn't overheat to begin with.

Rainstorm814061d ago

I think you guys are missing the point, an error message is better than just RRoD but what would be even better...........The Overheating problem being solved and not rerouted.

Now in this situation, that is the worst place to keep a 360 or a PS3 a dusty entertainment stand, without open air. You are asking for RRoD, YLoD, & RDoD. All at once.........Its called a duster use it.

The guys saying this person did it on purpose, its improbable but not impossible......imean how many vids are on Youtube of people destroying PS3s, Ipods, X360s, and Ipads??????

EVILDEAD3604061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

They used a random guy at Gaf who shows two of an Xbox on a shelf and one of a T.V. telling you that the system will shut off to 'PREVENT' damage and this PROVES overheating issues??

Please where do I order my 'I believe EVERYTHING that is written on the internet'T-shirt

First the hilarious 'scratching' issue the day after the 360 conference had the usual suspects running in place faster than those actors from the E3 Kinect Track and Field game demo to prove to absolutely no one that they had 'smoking gun' this??

*Kicks back feet and watches the buffonery*



Eiffel4061d ago

Lol, welcome to the internet where people will go out of their way to prove a point, even if it takes swiping mommys credit card.

sikbeta4061d ago

"who said they bought it?"

I see What you did there [No Way]




There is definetely a lot of those over youtube! I like when they introduce those little, last model, feature filled cellphones to a good old blender or microwave. Nothing like teaching people cool things you can do at your own home!

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dangert124061d ago

ok so aprat from the new air vents added wifi and internal hardrive what did the do 2 it? :S
i can see why ms investors want them out of the entertainment industry,

i would love to work for ms you don't have to provide quality to to get paid serious money but its telling anyway

look how many mac & linux users there are now compared to the windows xp days

and sony is creeping on microsoft in the console market in a scary way

ms really f*ucked up with this console they could have addon support to 3rd part devs alot easier like hdd usb charges etc and i would have brought one myself but the fact that you still have to buy the skanky ripp off content is unreal

mynd4061d ago

Dangert12, they did a fair amount to it on board, they reduced and consolidated the chipsets, resulting in les sheat and signigicant power consumption reduction.

you know the same stuff Sony did.

I bet you didnt bother to quesiton the slim did you?

dangert124061d ago


im not a sony fanboy i have a 360 lol
i did't question the ps3 slim no but i ain't heard of them yellow lighting yet i'ver and sony made the slim to save cost

mynd4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

If you block all the vents on either a PS3 or 360 you will get the same overheating protection, this is nothing like the RROD.
And if you go read the neogaf thread the guy posted this with lots of LOL smilyy faces around it. Then didnt post anything else to clarfiy anything.

Did he do it delibratley?, more than likley his silence on the matter is quite condeming.

"i ain't heard of them yellow lighting " -What? LOL google YLOD.

spacetattoo4061d ago

Some sony fan put the damn thing in the oven and cooked it.


peeps4061d ago

yeh, tbh some fanboys are so extreme they will buy a 'rival' console to sobatage it and give it a bad name on the internet /s

YourFlyness4061d ago

at that point they are no longer fanboys, but Trolls

heroprotagonist4061d ago

The error in your reasoning, peeps, is that you don't have to destroy the console to make it give you that warning.

The fact that some people are so quick to jump on one failure (which itself might be a deliberate smear tactic) and condemn the console's reliability based on that one report is very telling indeed. It shows the mentality of many fanboys, and frankly I wouldn't put it past one of them to do something like that.

4061d ago
Syronicus4061d ago

Look at Soda. Can't take ownership for your beloved MS failing again. I so wanted to like this new console of theirs but the combination of failures like this and fanboys like you make owning the 360 a real chore.

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Lekumkee4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

But but "We've fixed Red Ring problem" - Microsoft June 14, 2010

sid4gamerfreak4061d ago

wow..that was fast...

still i want to know the specific conditions the 360 was in... this proves nothing...

so ill give Microsoft the benefit of doubt..

tawak4061d ago

they call it business strategy

vhero4061d ago

Wow adding a warning when its about to overheat can be taken 2 ways
bad - It's gonna stop your gaming mid game and won't allow you to play frustrating the user.
good - at least the console won't fry completely
However the good really doesn't affect the consumer as they will send it back if this happens regularly anyway. It just save MS some money as they won't need to replace more parts. Basically its all a new way for MS to save money on repairs and the customer is the one who gets the butt end of the deal on this as I can guess constantly getting that error would be ANNOYING. I was gonna get one of these models but now I am thinking a 360 premium would be better as at least it goes the whole 100% before it dies.

Either way I think the flavour of day is get insurance on your 360 still slim or not.

Ryudo4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Yeah because it's impossible for the dude to have dropped it.

It's impossible for him to have spilled something on it.

It's impossible for him to have broken it on purpose.

It's impossible for console to be damaged in shipping.

Any for the morons saying why would he break it on purpose its simple. You have any idea how many hits a site would gain claiming you have the first new RROD on Microsofts new system?

That sort of publicity and site traffic would far outlay the price of a single 360. Am not saying the article is lying but there's a huge chance it is seriously the console hasn't even been out a week.

Seriously your all pathetic to you honestly believe not a single PS3 broke in the first week of release for an number or reasons?

Grow up and stop smoking sonys ____.

pixelsword4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I'd wait for other RDODs before commenting on this one; the person seems to be not on the level.

Duke Spookem4061d ago

Yet another disposable console by Microsoft.

NewZealander4061d ago

lets just give things a few weeks before jumping to conclusions, this article only shows that if the system overheats it shuts down to prevent damage, nobody knows anything more about the circumstances then that.

i understand that with the 360's past history some people will be thinking its all doomed and gloom and nothings changed, and as soon as one unit has an issue no matter how small, some people will be acting like every console i going to fail.

lets just keep a level head, thats all im saying.

Syronicus4061d ago

Not me. Look at the amount of space it has for ventilation too. My PS3 slim is in a tighter confine and has never had an issue. Go figure MS...

FragMnTagM4061d ago

It is not smart at all to have any console in a tight spot like that. You say you have your PS3 in an even tighter spot? Well that is just dumb. Eventually you will run into a problem. It simply is not a good idea to put a console, even a PS3, into a tight spot and expect it to not overheat. There is absolutely no way in hell I would put my PS3 slim or my 360 slim in a tight confined spot.

palaeomerus4061d ago

He probably doesn't play it much since he's so busy fighting in the console wars here on N4g comments pages.

krauler4061d ago

not a fan of the 360 but at least it powers down to avoid damage now. amiright?

Xing4061d ago

The new console has only green LEDs in the ring on its front.

adamx4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Yes in the ring, but it never said their was no red led in the center...

Bubble Buddy4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Sigh... Microsoft had better fix those problems on the S.

pippoppow4061d ago

If anything people should wait awhile before buying one of these. Scratching discs report already and a first RDOD pic is not a good sign. Let's see how reliable it is 6 months to 1 year down the road with heavy use.

Whether this was done on purpose or not, the MS die-hards on this site shouldn't be so quick to defend MS. They do not have a good track record this gen after all.

palaeomerus4061d ago

Wasn't the supposed "scratched disc" report form a guy on destructoid who moved the system fairly violently while the DVD Was still spinning?


Convas4061d ago

You know what's priceless about this? While the trolls on this site are like "OH NOES!1!!111! The New Xbox 360 S is a dud?!!111! Whatever will we dooz?"

The guys on NeoGAF are like "Oh RDOD, looks fake, ummm so how much is Gamestop offering for Fat 360 trade-ins guys?"

Also, in the second screen, it clearly says "THE XBOX 360 DOES NOT HAVE PROPER VENTILATION!" Not only is this a fake news story, a duplicate, a flamebait, AND a piece of yellow news, it's also OBVIOUS that the person purposely did something that caused the Xbox to put up a message about not being properly ventilated.

As you can see, this is not stopping anyone from buying a new 360 S and it's not going to stop me. Until thousands/hundreds of thousands are reporting this error, it goes as the same as the Destructoid's Disc Eating Video. Utterly Stupid BullSh*t.

News4Haters. Only one of the best known Fanboy hangouts on the web.

PimpHandHappy4061d ago

because they took that out didn't they!!!


niceguywii604061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

"It's because the new console has no red LEDs at all. According to a spec sheet obtained by gaming blog Joystiq, the new console has only green LEDs in the ring on its front"

PS3 fanboys photo shopping the 360 they're so desperate to tarnish the 360's rep after the explosion in demand.


Plus the article suggests it's a over heated warning not RROD. Dude photo shopped the pics this way and the and posted the shady reason to confuse people after they were reading articles about no red Leds being on the new console for the last two days.

An other article that failed. The photo shopped 360 is simply turned off with the red center light painted on the pic.

dabri54061d ago

They say in the comments section that it's fake and list the visual diff why. There is no chrome top and the xbox letters aren't white. Also, I thought they took the red LEDs out.