Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Over Hyped Blues

Quote from the article:

"MGS4 since it's initial showing has been hyped as the definition of what a next-gen game is supposed to be. The last in the Metal Gear Solid series was going to be a master piece that defined the PS3 and gave credence to it's high price tag. The problem with that from the beginning has been that the MGS franchise has from it's roots never been a mass market property. Fans of MGS are a loyal hardcore bunch to be sure, but while the series started out with much promise on the original PSone -- it then slowly teetered into a complicated exercise of military morals and symbolism for life, that to this day many are still trying to figure out. Just what the fuck was MSG2 about? MGS2 drove a lot of the casual fans of the series away and quickly became a series that was only truly enjoyed by hardcore fans that had become almost intimate with the lore of the game."

Read the feature to see why this author feels MGS4 has hype riding on it.

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smart_head5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Well, someone was bound to talk negatively about the game. I guess I'm one of the hardcore fans of MGS.

lesbiansonyfan-girl5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Thats the thing, smart head. You may be fan, but you are in the minority. I have been reminding people of how this series is not really that good from the beggining. But with all the sony fan-girls on here you attacked for that. But none of them have even played the games. Not many people have, look up the sales. The games in the past were boring and tireing but PS3 fans jump all over it to justify their systems even though they are not fans like you their just fan-girls who suck sonys balls. This game is not going to touch splinter cell for most people even though you might not prefer it. Splinter cell is a much more accssesible and fun than MGS to the general audience. People like DRTYSOUF below just don't get it. Why did he never play anothe MGS after the first one? Because it sucks, 2 was worse and three was the best of them all but it was still very much like busy-work. Nobodys bash the game because its sonys you ball licken fan-girl.
Just accept that the truth is the games suck and sony lovers are pathetic to hype this game so much, of cousre your all going to pretend you love this series and played them all. And the fan-girl agrees, for shame. I hope to get 50 disagrees.

Armyless5420d ago

And it thusly gets published on N4G... And we all line up like ducks to comment on it.


vickers5005420d ago

Tell me halo is not overhyped, and that you are not sucking micro$oft off for the same game with prettier graphics. You have some anger issues if thats the first post you bring up here. Oh well, I guess nobody in your opinion can try a new game and like it, we all have to think like you because you're all knowing when it comes to video games. Let it go, and stop trying to fight a pointless war(console wars) and get a hobby besides bashing people you loser.

peksi5420d ago

For the Nth time we're talking about a matter of taste.

gaffyh5419d ago

I totally agree with smart_head I have played all MGS games so far since the PS1 version and the first one was fantastic, second one mainly focused on graphics (so story was bad). I think the third one redeemed the series. A lot of people say that MGS4 is the same game as previous ones but its not, the gameplay has evolved in every game, and the jump of what you can do from 3 to 4 is amazing.

I can't believe this got approved, there is nothing more over hyped than Halo, MGS hype doesn't even compare because it delivers on all fronts; graphically, increased abilities (meaning gameply is different), looks like a better story as it links to the first game (cuz Meryl is there).

PistolPumptMonk5419d ago


i don't even know where to start. first of all, let me assure you i am not a sony fanboy (grew up with nintendo, play my fair share of halo) and i love all next gen systems equally. except 360 breaks too much (off topic). anyway, i felt compelled to create an account just to respond to your ridiculously stupid comment.

i will agree with a few points. mgs is NOT a series for casual gamers, and if they think mgs4 will make them care, they are wrong. but if you want a deep, compelling game with a story better than 90% of movies, play mgs 1,2, or 3. im not "claiming" to have played them all, i'm TELLING you i have played them all, multiple times, loving each one each time i play it. why don't you go ask,, psm magazine, egm magazine, or any other media source how much these games suck. don't make comments that just sound stupid with nothing to back them.

you are probably one of those people who sees the world through halo tinted glasses, and cannot accept anything beyond your shallow and light amount of brainpower. but don't criticize the best series of games of all time, and one of the most ingenious game creaters of all time.

look at the sales. look at the sales? are you KIDDING ME. i realize that, being a five year old, you may have just been born around the time of the release of mgs2, but i will inform you that that game was one of the most hyped and well selling games to come to the playstation 2 at such an early stage. the story doesn't "suck" its just VERY complicated and deep, and really only people who care alot about the serious should worry about it. its a magnificent marvel of gaming.

you have been saying the serious wasn't that good from the start? wow. congratulations on one of the worst comments ever brought into this world. i enjoy halo alot, its a fun game and i play it all the time with my friends online, but if halo and metal gear solid were pigs, halo would be the small big who can't get a place in to suck on the glory of metal gear solid (aka the mother pig). just go on back to playing your 5th, 6th, or 20th xbox 360 and leave the cool people alone. and buy a cooling fan, i hear they may cause your 360 to only break after 2 months instead of 1.

p.s. i have a life, i am a student at virgina tech, i have lots of friends, i work over 40 hours a week during the summer so please no comments about being a super nerd with no life blah blah blah. i don't need to hear it from you. just please try to sort your life out and leave metal gear solid out of this.

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drtysouf215420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

because its a PS3 exclusive now people are trying to down play it and spin negative things about it. No matter what anyone says the game looks great and looks like it will be alot of fun to play. I think it will sell alot of copies along with PS3's. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it seems to me that he's trying to get attention by being pretty much the only person saying negative things about it hence the title and his second sentence which says "This article is surely going to piss off many, and perhaps maybe even make a few of you think." It didn't piss me off or make me think any differently no matter what negative thing i read about it my opinion still stands that it looks great and looks great to play will sell lots of copies and PS3's. And i only played the 1st Metal Gear Solid so i'm not a hardcore fan i'm a casual one and this will be a day one purchase for me.

Maddens Raiders5420d ago

sums it up....of course on a much larger scale:

Dr Pepper5420d ago

lol, while that may be a funny picture (Maddens Raiders), not getting MGS4 does not make me regret my purchase of a 360. It's a game that I can live without, even though it looks pretty cool.

JIN KAZAMA5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

dude, that pic made me laugh out loud at work!!! A few people turned around to look why I was laughing and I showed the pic to my coworker and he started cracking up!! that was hillarious.

The xbox 360 400 dollars, Gears of War 60 dollars, XBL 50 dollars, DLC for GTA4 50 million dollars.....turning on your 360 and getting RROD (which makes your 360)..........priceless.

Blackmoses5420d ago

the funny thing is...the same thing could be said about any other game out there with a cult following...

It's a pretty pathetic attempt to garner attention from the masses. Truthfully...I don't know one "Gammer" after watching that 15 minutes of footage from the game, that would actually say that, "it's aight, may be a tad over hyped". C'mon are kidding me, the real reason you have people coming out of the woodworks seemingly drooling at the mouth over this game is because it jaw dropping.

This is the way a true gaming legend should go out in his final game. All the bells and whistles, all the little nuances that made this game so great with a touch of the new age gaming styles.

All the best ideas are revisions of an original. So if the Shooting mechanism resembles some other game then so what, he made it look ten times better.
Name one game with 100% complete original thought behind all of it's gameplay.....
that's right not a one. Not Halo, Not MGS4, not a one.
they have borrowed an idea here and there but this series and Halo has been used to death for ideas in plenty of other games. This article was nothing less than FlAME BAIT!!! Full of non-sense and a poor attempt to stand out and make a name for themselves.

i Shank u5420d ago

now where's the one of Kutaragi drilling your sony butt?


This dude is a b*tch

whining about how he can't keep up with the series
get out of here.

When a I played MGS1 I felt like I was dropped in the middle of something of with no backhistory but I was able to catch on

Gimme a friggin break

There will always be naysayers, and haters, or people who don't like things for whatever reason

Look, my mom, who doesn't care for videogames, and barely understands what the internet is all about, Loves this damn game !

Believe dat


Dareaver15419d ago

MGS4 looks pretty but look at the stiff movements, the menu pop ups for everything. it's not intuitive at all. And then you have to look at the fact that instead of picking up a barrel and putting it on, one magically appeared, and then magically disappeared. that is not innovative at all. MGS4 has a lot to work out before it can be said to be a great and innovative game.

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Tsalagi5420d ago

You have to get adjusted to Metal Gear games. When i first tried MGS3 i hated it but after getting used to the new camo/healing stuff i loved it.

Tesla5420d ago

If he wants to play something completely new, then maybe he should try some other game. What did he expect? That Snake is going to play football or go to cinema? For me, it is a superb combination of older games and new features. Oh, and if he is bothered with long cutscenes, then he should play Tetris. There are no cutscenes there, just gameplay.
People like him really piss me off.
Oh, and about MGS2. I hate it when people say that it's story sucks, just because they can't understand it.

BaMYouRDeaD5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

This guy must be really bored and lonely right now to sit down and try to spew out negativity about something like MGS. If he thinks it's over hyped, fine. But you can't deny the impact MGS has on PS consoles, and that millions of people around the world love this game.

Plus, this is someone's opinion, and isn't news.