Top 10 Biggest No-Shows at E3 2010

Although this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo had a lot of big announcements, some of the more popular games and hardware was completely missing from the convention. Here is a list of the top 10 biggest no-shows at E3 2010.

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-Mezzo-5003d ago

Resistance 3 & Agent's no-show was a bit of a shocker i was certain that we would get to see some sort of teasers.

mjolliffe5003d ago

Yeah I was pretty shocked to not see something of Resistance 3!

Cartesian3D5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

SONY just made their final presentation at last day.. Im sure they have plenty of stuff (teaser trailers for future games..etc). its GAME theory.. they have more than one startegy

you want proof.. after Micorsoft good show last year they just showed the WORD AGENT and announce there is exclusive title , no teaser nothing.. or showing FFXIV trailer .. right now SONY has more than enough exclusives and all of them need sufficient BUZZ. so we will find out about all of them soon (TGS , GC..)

and after Microsoft Awful conference I think they decided to just focus on some 2010 titles and before E3 2011 ones(Killzone 3, Infamous2..)

TheXgamerLive5003d ago

1. Saints Row 3, easily one of my fav series and hella more fun to me than the GTA series except for vice city, ties there.
I heard that thq is waiting until the VGA awards in december to make an official showing.

2. Boarderlands 2, who'd a thunk that after the mass success of Boarderlands that there would atleast be some boarderlands 2 news. I mean even a cg trailer just causiing a little hype thrown in with some interesting news on B2 would of been nice.

Ok, don't laugh but i was hoping that a Too Human II would emerge. It would of had to of been completely revamped but there was potential there. sad:( It's now called paradise lost, lol.

EliteAssass1n5003d ago

i also was disappointed to see Saints Row 3, but not for the same reason as you. I remember that the SR2 developers stated that SR3 would go in a new direction.

ico925003d ago

TLG was my anticipated game of E3 this year next to R3 so i was really dissapointed chances are we'll probaly see an appearence of it at the Tokyo Game Show, but the chances of a 2010 release date like i hoped are really slim.

FACTUAL evidence5003d ago

I was shocked to see no R3, agent, or FFvs13. SE might as well make vs13 FF15 at this rate.

mrv3215003d ago

I love these articles, don't you find it funny people complain if someone announces a game not due out 'till after next E3 and now they are complaining so very games didn't show.

MajestieBeast5003d ago (Edited 5003d ago )

Definatly the last guardian but i think they are saving that for TGS and hopefully starhawk for GC. Also resistance 3,uncharted 3 at spike game awards.

Gladiator75003d ago

most of the games that we didn't see at e3 are ps3 exclusives.
i think sony trying to focus in some games, move and we will see many
anticipated game at TGS this year like tlg and ff13v.

the-show-stopper5003d ago

im in the minority for this but i was a little dissapointed that the next brothers in arms game wasnt nnounced but maybe they'll announce it later i hope