First leaked screenshots surface for Rockstar's canceled Agent

It appears that the first screenshots for Rockstar's canceled spy game, Agent, have been leaked online.

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purple101175d ago

I thought this got cancelled then rolled into LA Noir

Also, does anyone remember the feature they were supposed to have where you received a text in the game it came to your actual mobile phone?

SonyStyled174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

If I remember correctly, LA Noire was being developed by Team Bondi under a 3 game exclusivity contract with Sony. For some reason the contract was terminated and development of LA Noire by Bondi was cancelled, but resumed by Rockstar half complete and released as multiplatform. Agent was supposed to be an exclusive title by Rockstar in return for LA Noire.

I’m sure there’s many more details I don’t remember as it was 15 years ago. Some of GTA5 is recycled from Agent though

Team Bondis wiki page

Santouryuu173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Iirc, sony terminated the contract because of the developers beeing mitreated by rockstar. Rockstar was "supporting" with the development.

Found it.

ocelot07174d ago

Was that not the Agency? Another spy game Sony was working on.

TheColbertinator174d ago

That's the one. Sony Online was in charge of that one and were the team responsible for Everquest

Profchaos174d ago

Nah la noire was always something different the link between la noire and aren't was that Sony was originally going to obtain exclusivity to it. Sony was instead offered agent as a PlayStation exclusive if they allowed Rockstar to reneg and make la noire a Multi plat

porkChop174d ago

I've already seen quite a few of these years ago. But still, it's a shame it was cancelled. Hopefully one day we'll get another globetrotting spy thriller. Maybe MS can get the rights to Alpha Protocol from Sega, or have Obsidian make a spiritual successor.

thorstein174d ago

Our go old school with Golgo 13 out Rolling Thunder..

Great IPs that could take a swing at reviving.

TheColbertinator174d ago

Interesting. My type of game and unfortunately never surfaced.

XiNatsuDragnel173d ago

I wished we got revival of agent tbh.

173d ago
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Agent: Rockstar's PS3 Exclusive That Never Escaped the Shadows

No game proves how quickly things can change in terms of ethos at a studio quite like Agent.

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XiNatsuDragnel89d ago

I wished agent was revived so badly

Skuletor88d ago

Rockstar's game outpost has steadily declined since HD console gaming started . Hell, they were releasing new games every year since the PS2 launched, up to the start of the 7th gen.


Rockstar Games' Agent Cancellation Fears Possibly Confirmed

Could this mean yet another IP being ignored by Take Two

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Garethvk988d ago

The fact that it has been this long and was intended to be a PS3 title pretty much is all you need to confirm it is not happening.

chicken_in_the_corn988d ago

This. And the fact Rockstar North worked on GTA V and RDR2

VenomUK987d ago

The game’s been cancelled and there’s still more chance of this coming out than Star Citizen.

ProjectVulcan987d ago

When it was first announced 90 percent of current Fortnite players were not born yet, that's how long ago it is

Yui_Suzumiya986d ago

Just like how I've been waiting for a Snatcher sequel for 26 years 😅

1Victor986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

😂 you don’t need to have a Nostradamus prediction to see this one coming🤣, but hey there still hope it’ll be developed before the fabled PS10🤷🏿
Edit I forgot to tell you it’ll be based on a true story of a ticket agent 😜 and it’s going to be a simulator

Epicor986d ago

Rockstar still owns Sony that one exclusive game, right? Or maybe there was a monetary settlement being made already.

roadkillers986d ago

Hell no. It may be contractural, but there is no way Sony will make them hold their end up. You are bringing Rockstar to court with the possibility of ruining a relationship with possibly the biggest brands out there.

... oh and we didn't know the terms either.

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XiNatsuDragnel988d ago

Please just release the game already