Wipeout 2097 Delayed for PSN

People anticipating this title to finally arrive on PSN network would be disappointed to Know that the game has been delayed for the playstation network.

The game was officially announced to come on the playstation store today along with the other contents. The game has now been pushed back to end of August.

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achira5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

if i am not wrong, noone said when this game will be out. so why delay ? lol
edit: lol, i was wrong, i think it was supposed to come today ?

Shadow Flare5419d ago

well it was in the list of this weeks PSN updates

Darkiewonder5419d ago

As long as the Heavenly Sword Demo hits the Store and a lot more PS1 titles hit the US store. I'll be content.

timmyp535419d ago

is the Heavenly Sword demo up yet on the PSN.. its 12:30 now in Pennsylvania

Kleptic5419d ago

nice I am in PA too...state college to be exact...but as of 1:15pm still nothing...

Kleptic5419d ago

Yeah the North American and European store stuff always gets me mixed up...because the friggin' websites never say for the "euro store" or for North America...

like Medieval? the U.S. Store has had that since February hasn't it?...and the euro store is just now gettig it I guess...that is the only thing that hints at it not being North American to me...

but yeah HS I wouldn't even have bothered with Wipeout 2097 most likely for a long fact XL is my favorite for the PS1, and I still own that on disc...Give us the original Warhawk, Twisted Metal 1 and 2, and Loaded...that rounds out a few of the bests classics ever...