Socom Gameplay Shows True 1:1 You Can't Find Anywhere Else

On the ground in Los Angeles, our crew was able to get their hands on some Playstation move screen time. Here you will see our staff demonstrating a near 1:1 ratio on the screen...

Inane_Asylum4737d ago

...but I am actually excited to see what they're going to do with the Move. As long as it doesn't boil down to waggle, I'll be happy.

ipwnall4737d ago

I think that's why the Move was created. To compete with Wii's waggle and give gamers a true motion controller.

-Alpha4737d ago

I just want to see the multiplayer.

BeaArthur4737d ago

Same here.

That is pretty damn good 1:1 but I'm still not interested in the Move. Can't wait to play this one in the Fall (with a controller).

raztad4737d ago

1:1 right there boys.

BTW, Is it just me or Socom 4 has some beautiful graphics? very smooth, great image quality. Look at that tree.

Cryptech4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Ya that looks sick. There is a minute lag, but I think when playing and looking and then aiming for a target you wont even notice it at all. The thing I loved was when he slowed down you could really see the precision. Cant wait to pop heads with this!

Also, I am wondering how crazy sweet u can make it with calibration and sensitivity settings.

bennyace4737d ago

I don't think it will never be true 1:1. There will always be some lag. But it's a lot better than Tiger Woods from what we saw from the onstage demo.

JustOne4737d ago

Yep, it's Sony, king of hardware.

KILLERAPP4737d ago

Socom! Awesome can’t wait! This maybe a killer app for the holidays for the move, is a AAA hardcore shooter that plays extremely well on the move (base on the info we been revising from the show floor from E3) am going to buy it and play it with the PS3 dual shock but still this may just make me buy a move…

D4RkNIKON4737d ago

It looks more fun with the move than a dualshock.

RAM MAGNUMS4737d ago

I couldnt be happier. I enjoy socom confrontation but its a bit ruff around the edges. MAG is currently my favorite Game and I cant wait for zippers latest SOCOM.

Pennywise4737d ago

Im with ya... MAG is my favorite game this year so far. I can't wait to give Zipper my support when Socom releases.

ThatCanadianGuy4737d ago

Yeah MAG really is a great game.I gotta get back into it soon, i'm lost in RPG heaven lately tho lol

Pennywise4737d ago

Man, the last patch improved MAG by tenfold. You should try it out. DLC is coming Tues!

gfunkera104737d ago

I have always been open minded with the Move, and I'm pretty excited with the stuff I've seen thus far.

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