Wii Successor May Have 3D Support

IGN: Nintendo CEO believes 3D is the future for games.

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dangert124619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

it will i don't think it will be an issue when it comes out as the tv's will be moe affordable and hd would be well cheap

plus the fact that the 3ds is coming means there helping push 3d it would be disapointing to find out there next console can't do it

callahan094619d ago

So the Wii successor will be ... a PS3. Sorry, it had to be said. Good thing Nintendo still makes awesome games, or there wouldn't be any reason to buy their hardware.

Smacktard4619d ago

...Well what would be the point of buying ANY video console hardware if there was no software to support it? You're pointing out the obvious.

ChickeyCantor4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

With that in mind the Ps3 = Nvidia-vision + any low/mid-end pc?

raztad4619d ago

There is no Cell cpu in low/mid-end PC. You fail.

ChickeyCantor4619d ago

Of course not, but then we have stuff like I-3,I-5,I-7.
Plus you arent limited to the gfx card that comes with it.

Failure? Nah dude, just no.

SpoonyRedMage4619d ago

In the same way the Moves just a Wiimote?

Or does not that count because it's Sony making that?

Gimme a break.

callahan094619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

The Move and WiiMote being similar is exactly why I made my point. An HD-enabled, more powerful Wii with 3D support would be just like a PS3 w/ Move.

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Seferoth754619d ago

Nintendo will be the one to make 3d mainstream with the 3DS.

Megahurtz19864619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

Sony is Going to push the 3D aspect more harder then Nintendo because there in the Television Market as well. I see another "Buy a Sony Bravia 3D TV get a free Playstation 3 plus glasses" ad coming around Christmas time. DAMN I WANT A 3D TV and A 3DS

Briefcase Joe4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

Reggie was talking shit about wearing glasses so they'll probably wait for TV's that don't use glasses, but who knows how much those will be or when they will be available. Otherwise Reggie just made an ass of himself on stage.

SpoonyRedMage4619d ago

Not as much as Tretton made an ass of himself though because of the script. I nearly facepalmed when he claimed the PS3 was the only system with native 3D just two hours after the reveal of the 3DS.

Tis all marketing speak anyway, they all end up looking foolish.

Briefcase Joe4619d ago

I'm pretty sure he was referring to consoles, but if he wasn't I agree with you. He should have omitted that line.

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