NBA 2K8 Dunk Contest Hands On

Gamespot throws down some nasty looking jams with some of the NBA's best dunkers in NBA 2K8's new slam-dunk contest.

Though the real NBA season has just wound down, it's never too early to start thinking about next year's crop of NBA basketball games. 2K Sports agrees, which is why Gamespot got a first-look at NBA 2K8's Blacktop mode before a motion capture session at New York's famed Rucker Park.

One of the biggest new features this year is the Sprite slam-dunk contest. Dunk contests in video games have been around since Jordan vs. Bird, but this isn't any ordinary dunk contest--it takes place outdoors on a neon-lit court right smack in the middle of the Vegas strip. DJ Robert "Bobbito" Garcia acts as host and does the commentary for the contest. He roams the court praising the great dunks and chastising the bad ones. The contest starts off with Bobbito introducing the participants, each of whom has their own customized introduction. You might see a player flex and kiss his biceps or just turn and play to the crowd.

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Honeal2g5416d ago

aww man Easports should just throw in the towel or pull something outta there A$$ this year ..that might just be the nail in the coffin.

omansteveo5416d ago

Here here EA has forgotten how to make a b-ball game they still think freestyle controllers are cool when they are not.

DG5416d ago

finaly some damn news. All I wanted this year is better graphics. And by the looks of it I got it. Now if they get face capture in there via a xbox cam Im sssssssoooooooooooolllllllllll llddddddddddddddd!