Nintendo Factory Increases Production

According to the company's latest statement, global shipments for the Wii have been increased from 14 million this fiscal year to 16.5 million. Same story for the DS, with an increase from 22 million units to 26 million.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean the Wii won't continue to be sold out, especially during the busy Christmas rush, and especially once Metroid, Mario Galaxy and a host of other hot titles hit the Wii this holiday season. Availability could very well remain tight until the new year.

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PS360WII5416d ago

I think they can do it just as long as they pump out the units

ItsDubC5416d ago

lol that pic is ghetto. Anyway, I wonder if this the first time Nintendo has had the capacity to increase production of the Wii seeing as how Wii demand has been exceeding supply for quite some time now.