Nintendo Scopes Out the Competition

Yes, it's Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto (alongside NIntendo's Bill Trinen). And as much as we may giggle at the moment, it's refreshing to see companies so openly scope out the competition...even if we've busted Miyamoto twice in two years.

barakiu4846d ago (Edited 4846d ago )

your pick for pic of the day

Parapraxis4845d ago

He looks SOo unimpressed! LOL.

fatstarr4845d ago

Nintendo Means serious business
they both look so bad ass.

Snakefist304845d ago

lololololol is Miyamoto CRYING!!!

EvilBlackCat4845d ago

why the drama about this?

everybody in the industry do this

blasian4845d ago

Its just funny looking at miyamotos reaction with his facial expression to the arms folded.

Aikuchi4845d ago

I think people read to much in to this. The dudes at E3, can't he just be stoked to check out all the new games. He probably owns all three consoles. I always felt that Shigeru Miyamoto was a true games at heart. He couldn't make the quality of games he does without it.

NeutralGamer4845d ago (Edited 4845d ago )

Miyamoto and his buddy looks like someone in a street dance fight...

You know when you cross your arms and nod with your head to the beat, while waiting for your oponents to be done...

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Fierce Musashi4846d ago (Edited 4846d ago )

Lol Arms folded. xD

KILLERAPP4846d ago

Is always good to look at your competition to see what they’re doing, the Forza guys guys did it at these years E3 and the GT guys did at last year’s E3 when Forza 3 was at the show floor…

Christopher4845d ago

Everyone does it. It's just catching them in the act isn't a easy to do when you're looking at games and booth babes. My fondest moment at EQ2 was being escorted out of the EQ2 press room on the floor because Freddi Prinze Jr. had shown up and wanted a private viewing.

Last sentence coated heavily in sarcasm. But, regardless, I very much enjoyed my days of attending E3 as a press member.

Sunny_D4845d ago (Edited 4845d ago )

Yeah, it's a normal thing to do that. But, unlike everyone else, Turn 10 had the nerve to bring it out in public and try to show boat telling everyone that PD were looking at their booth. I mean seriously, they thought PD passed the torch to them? GTFO, Turd 10.

jagstatboy4845d ago

lol, the guy behind Miyamoto and to the right looks like Tiger Woods.