Nintendo DSi Official Price-Drop Hits Today

The new price drop is set to be supported by a marketing campaign featuring a wide range of software, from recent releases such as Rooms: The Main Building and the Professor Layton titles, to the perpetually successful Mario Kart DS. The price drop is an official reduction from Nintendo, and has been revealed as being with immediate effect.

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OlvaR3048d ago

i want to believe that this happened cause 3ds release will be sooner than we may think....just positive thinking over here :P

Blacktric3048d ago

I think they dropped the price to appeal people who want to hold themselves back to buy 3DS couple of months later.

AAACE53048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Nevermind I thought... nevermind!

smash-brother-103048d ago

All I want is release before the end of this year, any sooner would be a bonus

kevco333048d ago

I agree it probably did. They won't want to launch the 3DS at more than £149, surely?

hamoor3048d ago

I hope so
but I guess the tech itself and the 3d screen will make it cost a little more than we think it would

kaos_fish II3048d ago

I've been reading (rumors) on other sites that the 3DS will launch at $249.99. I don't believe it will launch at that though, my guess is $199.99

SpoonyRedMage3048d ago

I think it will go somewhere between £150-200, I think £180 might be a good estimate. Nintendo is probably going to prove me completely wrong though.

Phish3048d ago

If you are that ungrateful then give it to me. Otherwise just shut up and enjoy it already.

Bellcross3048d ago

Maybe i should pick one up for my little sis she only has a DSLite atm, but with the 3Ds coming next year maybe i should wait

SpaceFox3048d ago

Just wait for the 3DS, unless you feel your little sis probably wont need the 3D functionality.

Neo Nugget3048d ago

I hope for an October US release. :/

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