MGS 20th Anniversary David Hayter's Message

Unfortunately David Hayter was able to make it to the event, but he did have a few things to say to the Japanese crowd/press. Although most of this vid is in Japanase, parts are in English, and is still quite entertaining.

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Lord Anubis5908d ago

Got a hair cut and gain a few pounds. Now you'll never be snake in the MGS movie.

okcomputer5908d ago

They better dub his voice for the mgs movie though. It wouldn't be the same with a different snake.

LeShin5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

Damn! He speaks fluent Japanese as well?!

He's come a long way from starring in the live action Guyver movie :)

sandip7875908d ago

by parts of it are in english did you mean when he says metal gear solid and hollywood? lol
wow ive never seen hayter before, really doesnt seem right that hes snake.

LeShin5908d ago

Trust me, get hold of the Guyver:Dark Hero live action movie. He looks like a hero in that, though thats going back a few years.

Never judge a voice by a persons face. I always remember the horror of finding out that Bart Simpson was really a woman! lol

Lord Anubis5908d ago

In the video below its obvious the person that made the video doesn't want David Hayter to be in the movie and focuses on david's early work.

Anywho, I would've wanted him to lead on the film but that is not the case.

macalatus5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )


Wow, who would have thought that Hayter really sucked in live movie acting!! And oh yeah, that mid-90's haircut really gave me the chills!

EDIT: To anyone who disagreed, I'm not saying that Hayter sucks completely, it's just that he's better suited for voice acting. Kinda like that cliche: Singers don't make good actors, actors do not make good singers.

Coffin875908d ago

this movie sucks big time.

cr33ping_death5908d ago

pic where he would look more like snake...of course with some hollywood make-up added he would be the perfect SNAKE.


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7 Lesser Known Metal Gear Solid Games

Metal Gear Solid is a hugely popular series, but not every game has achieved true notoriety. Here are 7 lesser known Metal Gear Solid games.

Chocoburger78d ago

The list is missing Metal Gear Solid Mobile for Nokia phones, but it includes the well known and multi million selling Portable Ops? 🤨

cerpintaxt4478d ago

lmao theres like 10 mgs games what a dumb article idea

SegaSaturn66977d ago

Metal Gear Acid 1/2 are crazy good games. Great portable experience.


One Last Smoke - The significance of Snake's cigarettes in Metal Gear Solid 4

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Metal Gear Solid Can Work Without Hideo Kojima

There are more good non-Kojima Metal Gear games than one would realize. Scientifically, three examples prove a trend, and in this feature are three excellent Metal Gear games that Hideo Kojima did not direct.

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masterfox116d ago

I hope so, still cant forget MGS Survive , the first MGS game without Kojima involvement and it was a complete failure, the thing is Kojima way of thinking is outside the box and that's why their games 99% end up unique, original and a almost instant classic. MGS series are full of intricate things that somehows connects to each other, Lalulilelo, the Patriots, Outher heaven, Foxhound, PMCs , heck even Kojima manage to insert DARPA in there lol, a US government Defense Agency. So is really great MGS3 Remake is reviving the series but without Kojima who knows of the end result, I hope Konami have another or more developers insight their studios who can also think outside the box.

senorfartcushion115d ago

It actually can’t. But it won’t matter.

Kojima is Metal Gear the same way that Christopher Nolan is The Dark Knight, or David Lynch is Twin Peaks: The Return episode 8. Artistry is the creation of a thing from your own thoughts and feelings. Take away the original artist’s thoughts and feelings and you have a new thing entirely.

This isn’t going to stop the mega corporation creating a fake version and spending millions TELLING customers that it’s made with the same thoughts and feelings. The masses will buy the idea the same way the corporation will sell the idea.

just_looken114d ago

I guess everyone forgot metal gear solid rising was tossed to platnium games with a story script and that is it.

Z501114d ago

Kojima was involved in Rising tho

just_looken113d ago

kpjima just did the story everything else was platnium games look it up.

Hence i said script

neutralgamer1992114d ago

i think the bigger issue is whether or not Konami is actually interested in fully funding AAA games development. Even this remake is done by a studio not really known in gaming industry. Quality remake/projets vs cheap cash in quick releases. Which way will Konami head. I am a huge MGS fan and i feel like Kojima did long time MGS fans dirty with how made MGS5 and it's story elements

senorfartcushion114d ago

Remakes and remasters provide a gateway through to producing AAA games faster and cheaper.

RaveTears114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Actually MGS Portable Ops which was technically the first canon MGS game that Kojima wasn’t mainly involved with it. Kojima was only the producer but not the writer and director.

Konami did other MGS spin off that were successful but that because Konami put effort. Just along Konami is not lazy and cash grab, they can a MGS game without Kojima.

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gold_drake115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

i mean sure, but he made it the thing it is today and why people love it so much.

i think its not easy to replicate.

Flawlessmic115d ago

I doubt it could.

Say what you want about the bloke, but his games are uniquely his.

I don't think anyone makes games like kojima does, for better or worse.

Could mgs continue without him, yea maybe, but it would lacking his genius so wouldn't be the same.