Okami Creator Itching for Sequel

Okami was one of PS2's best adventure games and if designer Hideki Kamiya has anything to do with it, there'll be more epic wolf soon. Kamiya has a sequel in mind, and has revealed that it's something he'd really like to do. But unfortunately for Okami nuts, it's not he's decision to make, so his hands are ultimately tied for the time being according to Kotaku.

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DiLeCtioN5605d ago

this game is by far the most beautiful game ive played on ps2 and if they made one for ps3 ill fall for it all over again

Marceles5605d ago

Imagine how Okami 2 would look on the PS3 *drool drool*, there would be no limits to what they could do...but too bad it's a Capcom game :( Capcom doesn't seem to like Sony as of late

no_more_heroes5605d ago

people kept talking about God of War looking beautiful but to me, even though I didn't play it, when I saw the review for Okami on Xplay when I had G4 (dumb-a$$ Jamaican cable company doesn't have it anymore) it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Better looking than any 360 or ps3 game by miles IMO. I still want to play that game.

R2-JD5605d ago

OKAMI was an incredible game. A PS3 sequel would be great.

Xeoset5605d ago (Edited 5605d ago )

After Clover dispanded, haven't they gone off and made another Dev house which is now being catered to by Microsoft?

EDIT: Yup, they're called SEEDS now, Microsoft seems to be doing to them what they did with Mistwalker.

PlayStation3605605d ago (Edited 5605d ago )

that Clover disbanded. And yes, Seeds Inc. is the new Dev company. Made up of former key members of Clover Studio, Shinji Mikami, Atsushi Inaba, etc. But I never heard of Microsoft having anything to do with Seeds. I'm not saying your wrong or calling you out or anything. But more information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance bro.

daous5605d ago

Does not cater exclusively to Microsoft. In fact, they did publish games for PS2 in the past.

On a more important note, the former Clover Studios doesn't have the right to make another Okami game. The Okami franchise was created through Clover Studios, which was fully owned by CAPCOM, and therefore the rights belong to CAPCOM instead.

Basically, CAPCOM can give the Okami sequel to another developer within the publisher's company (since all major publishers such as EA, Sony, MS, Nintendo, Ubisoft, etc. have their own development studios they either created or bought).

This could either be a good or bad thing, since history shows that franchise sequels that aren't developed by the ORIGINAL creators has a tendency to be really crappy (e.g. Tomb Raider series, CRASH Bandicoot series, Spyro the Dragon series, etc.).

nix5605d ago

i always thought the way the game ended, the second part was certain.

anyway, an amazing and beautiful game!!! a must play by all the PS2 owners. took me 63 hours to finish (even after skipping most of the side campaigns). q:

i honestly think OKAMI should have won the "game of the year" title.

bring in the sequel, i'll be the first one to buy! ((((((:

riksweeney5605d ago

but I loved God Hand more. Fiendishly hard, but once you got your reactions sorted, it was a very entertaining game.

The fact thing is that unless companies like Clover/Seed keep going, this generation is going to drown in FPS and driving games.

nix5605d ago

the game industry needs smaller boutique types developing companies to bring something new to the table apart from shooters and races.

but i think sony is certainly moving in that direction with HS and Lair and not to forget LBP.

anyway, i tried god-hand but wasn't impressed probably because by then i had already finished God of War and Okami.

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The story is too old to be commented.