Content: Vampires Rain

AQInteractive thank fans for supporting Vampire Rain by releasing a bonus mission for Free! You can download this content via Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace (New Arrivals).

VR Bonus Level 2
Thanks for supporting Vampire Rain. Ready for another gathering mission? Play as Duane Hanson in this bonus level to see how fast you can pick up all required equipment for your mission. Difficulty: 3 stars. Requires full retail game.
Price: Free

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Primal Rex5417d ago

You mean people actually bought this !!!!

boi5417d ago

yea i thought the same Oo

Dr Pepper5417d ago

They are probably regretting it right now.

Legionaire20055417d ago

A waste of time!!! Nuff said.

Havince5417d ago

the video i downloaded ages ago it looked awful, like the 2nd splinter cell.......or even the first one lol

just like bullet witch, they bing out free content to try and tempt people.

i did hear that vampire rain had that just as bad ?????