Clive Barker's Jericho - Machine Gun Massacre Gameplay Video

Nothing like a trusty automatic and a few well placed bullets to ward off evil demons from beyond.

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Bolts5417d ago

Doesn't look very nextgen. With all uber titles coming out this season this game isn't the worth the time and money.

BlackTigea5417d ago

The game seem to have a very narrative plot that differ from many fps games. Which is very intresting to know what exactly happen. Though bad thing about this game is, well add some Light it was pretty damn dark down there. I would like to see more Gameplay footage before I say anything to rule out what would seem a very good game.

_insane_cobra5417d ago

I'm actually positively surprised by this game. Could be interesting.

NRG5417d ago

Has me at least mildly interested simply because there's still not enough co-op games.

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