Best Sites for Positive Sony Coverage During E3

B. Thompson: "When it comes to E3 and gaming news, fans want the latest and greatest, but they want a positive spin for the products they are looking forward to. So with the Electronic Entertainment Expo upon us, we wanted to provide gamers with some alternative sources for news. We’ll provide different lists for the different companies to ensure gamers get news tailored specifically to them."

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MGOelite3048d ago

kevin butler needs to walk on at the begining with a white poncho on lol

vgn243048d ago

He definitely needs to be the MC or host of the whole thing. He's likable and practically the face of Playstation to consumers and fans.

GrieverSoul3048d ago

Its too soon to announce Sony´s victory in the conference part.
Lets wait and see. Sure some will say it failed more than MS´s one and some will say it was the best ever.

Its the same thing for everyone!

CoxMulder3048d ago

Sony just has to show up to win.

The MS conference was downright awful.

rroded3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

now someone should make a list of all the pro 360 sites

ill start #1 n4g ;)

DeathorGlory93048d ago

I would say that n4g is a ps3 pro site if anything but considering how it just puts up links its pretty neutral

BattersUp3048d ago

Since N4G is listed as the number 2 site for positive Sony news? ahah

Tachyon_Nova3048d ago

Why would anyone want a positive spin on the games they wanna play? They should wanna hear like it is. If Crysis 2 (my most anticipated game ever)is gonna dissapoint, then someone in a position to tell me this should tell me, and not say it'll be the best thing since the original.

kneon3048d ago

Exactly, I want an unbiased opinion. Unfortunately that seems next to impossible to find. If you want a positive spin just watch each companies presentation, they will be full of marketing hyperbole.

RedDragan3048d ago

Kudos for sensibility, a rare attribute in gaming these days.

Have a bubble.

dalibor3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I use some of my psn friends and ask them for some feedback about a game that they are playing. But the best judgement you can make about a game is your own. Get info from different sites/people and or rent the game or check out the demo if it is available b/c there is a lot of bs you have to undig to get to the truth at times in the gaming industry imo.

mal_tez923048d ago

I want all journalism to be honest, so why should gaming news be any different?

If something sucks, the news sites should be honest and tell us why.

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JeffGUNZ3048d ago

I live on the eastern coast. What time is the PS3 show, eastern time?

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T9X693048d ago ShowReplies(4)
dirthurts3048d ago

Now that's a good idea. ha ha.
Sorry, just seems odd.

Nike3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

They're trying to make up amongst the fanboys for this garbage:

Basically inciting both groups for hits.

@BattersUp: Elucidate, my good man. Nothing? Fine by me.

BattersUp3048d ago

Looks like two different writers. You might be the perfect target for this article though, lulz.

dirthurts3048d ago

Yeah, there are some really biased stuff rolling in. Too much hating.
It's all looked great so far.
Sony and Nintendo up to bat today.
Hoping for Twisted Metal. Please please.

Omega43048d ago

Just stick to N4G, if Sony just show a black screen for 2 hours it will still be touted as the best E3 of all time

RedDragan3048d ago

There's a reason you both have 1 bubble

diatom3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Get a room....

GunShotEddy3048d ago

the reason they have one bubble is because they don't kiss Sony's butt and praise the great Move?

Mista T3048d ago

the way MS did they might as well have shown a black screen

CoxMulder3048d ago


Well, They're kissing SOMEONE's ass..

Let me give you a hint.. It's big and white.

GunShotEddy3048d ago

Well I hope that Polar Bear returns the favor.

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bjornbear3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

maybe not of all time...

but definitely would beat MS's train wreck x3 asked for it =P

@ diatom:

no, they make pointless stupid comments just to get idiots like us to reply so when he re-checks the comments and sees a long list of replies he whacks one off.

Omega63048d ago

lmao, omega4, trying to justify the fact that he gets butt raped every time he comments.

cyborg69713048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Gofanboy needs to go away.

@omega above If sony did that black show it would have been double what ms showed.

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