Exclusive - Microsoft Press Conference Recap

*language warning*

Craig says everything that needs to be said about the Microsoft Press Conferences event from the eyes of a hardcore gamer.

What do you think? Is Microsoft abandoning it's hardcore audience? Are ALL the consoles looking the other way while trying to pull in the casual audience?

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phantomexe4859d ago

lmao this really sums it up i think. Relly it going come down to sony and nintendo and nintendo has zelda which i bet blows peoples minds. MS you fail this year, sony and nintendo got this.

macezhno4859d ago

they don't spend that much time talking about Move unless they so something epic (***rumor Dead Space 2 move support***)

T9X694858d ago

Doubt it, Move is PS main attraction for the their show just like Kinect was for Xbox. Sony is just going to announce some new awesome exclusives instead of giving away free consoles.

This motion shit has turned E3 into a little vagina fest.

jay24858d ago

Not true, they have PSN+, Littlebigplanet 2, killzone 3, most likely resistance 3, something from dead space, hopefuly some more MGS stuff, the getaway/8 days (I hope) other London I.P confirmed back in Oct, Gearbox new game. Motorstorm 3, and whatever else they've got planned.

GrieverSoul4858d ago

A vagina fest would be nice! ;)

I would say "tupperware fest" is what E3 became. The best part is that Nintendo is doing it for so many years now and has enjoyed sucess on the market that MS and Sony might try to do it too.

captain-obvious4858d ago

guys look at this
they also make a series named "hard news"
look at what they are saying

NeloAnjelo4858d ago

They can't spend half the conference talking about MOVE.That would blow... And I would be really upset.

and of course these guys are all here to pease me.

RockmanII74858d ago

I think Nintendo will win with the 3DS, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin 3, Metroid: other M, and hopefully some good 3DS launch titles (***Rumor - plus that new donkey kong game made by the guys who made metroid prime***). I think Nintendo has got all the money they can get from the casual market and they know it, now they have the money to keep the core market happy (While continuing popular casual franchises, no way they're not releasing another brain age in the probably-near future).

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Denethor_II4858d ago

Correction, you hope "Move is PS main attraction for the their show just like Kinect was for Xbox."

T9X694858d ago

No I don't hope, I know it will be its rather obvious and if you cant realize that then I feel sorry for you. Wait until later today you will see for yourself.

Iamback4858d ago

Difference between those two is that MOVE can be used in hardcore games, as option like in KZ3 for example. Will move take most of air time? yes but it wont be casual fest, trust me on that.

NeloAnjelo4858d ago

I really hope not! Sony CANT spend their time talking about 3D and Move... which seems likely because of their game reveals prior to E3.


lelo2play4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

So far the best show was EA's...

If Sony spends to much time with the Move in their show, then EA will win this year's EA for best show. Nintendo i don't really care.

To bad EA did not show the new Syndicate game.

deafwing4858d ago

u see we expect this kind of stuff from Nintendo ... I guess hard core gamers better learn to play wii's while there at it .. lol .. man if sony pull this kind of crap out there butts today, I will be disappointed.

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Iamback4859d ago

There you go, even MS fanboys know it was bull

Brewski0074858d ago

Lol and he looks sooooooo "hardcore" .
But yeah hes right and it goes to show its not just people being sony "fanboys" saying this. Its the truth. If xbox was my sole standalone console i'd be pissed right now.

scofios4858d ago

Microsoft's cheerleader Craig from screwattack diden't like it wow i'm schocked .

NYC_Gamer4858d ago

i guess MS didnt give him one of those new 360 units..

dredgewalker4858d ago

Yeah im honestly shocked cause he is one of the biggest fanboys i've ever seen. It must be that bad if Craig is disappointed. But you have to watch Hard News cause what Destin said was hilarious!

crazyturkey4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

the hardnews video. start at the 00:54 sec. mark.

solidjun54858d ago

What show were you watching? Cause as you can see, stuttering Craig didn't stutter.