First Kinect Sports Screens from E3

GFB: "Microsoft displayed the Kinect's version of Wii Sports. While the first thing that came to mind when they said Kinect Sports was Wii Sports, the video and screens show that this game won't just be a clone. A lot of the sports are similar, but show off better detail and the gameplay itself is far beyond what we had anticipated. What do you think?"

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Imperator5154d ago

I never thought I say this...Wii Sports looks so much better than this (now that we've seen both). So much lag.

N4GAddict5154d ago

Yeah, that's my opinion of it as well

hs1235154d ago

watch the volleyball game and compare it to the ps move volleyball game it is the same .

Bigpappy5154d ago

These games were no brainers. A high energy fitness game and some hybrid controller core games are all that are really needed now to get the Kinect part going in the right direction.

TheDeadMetalhead5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

I...I can't even think of a witty insult for this. It's literally just Wii Sports with control lag and a price tag. Even half the title is the same.

Why, Microsoft? Just...Why?

mrv3215154d ago

I swear I've seen this before... W.... something.. Wee Spurts?

N4GAddict5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

Well, Wii Sports did sell millions...

mrv3215154d ago

Yeah but how many people own it? 63 million. Damn, Microsoft is late to the party so they are kicking down the door and demanding to be let in.

TheDeadMetalhead5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

Your ability to stay on-topic is simply incredible.

vgn245154d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was very impressed with Kinect. I kind of feel like Move is now just HD Wii. Kinect did a lot of new stuff.

fooltheman5154d ago

New stuff?? most games are move right/left jump and such...

I'm just curious how natal tabletennis will show against sony tabletennis


Kinect Represented Rare's Need to 'Do Something Different'

Craig Duncan reflects on Kinect and the cool things Rare was able to accomplish with the Kinect Sports games.

PhoenixUp2315d ago

Kinect Sports was the most successful property that Rare had on an Xbox platforms 😒

mcstorm2313d ago

But like it or not kinect sports was probably the best game that came out for kinect and sales show that. It may not of been there best ever game but than again the best games made don't always sell that well.

DivineAssault 2313d ago

Rare is washed up.. That was a company i thought would give MS some unique exclusives after the buy out.. Unfortunately they became a shell of their former selves.. I have no clue why MS would assign kinect games to a team like that smh

jagermaster6192313d ago

I don't care what anyone says about rare because I'm actually really liking Sot. Yeah it could use some things in future updates but so far it's fun!


Rare: The Games Since Microsoft Purchased Them 15 Years Ago

A summary of Rare since their Microsoft purchase fifteen years ago, going through each of the games and their performance across the various Xbox platforms.

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darthv722492d ago

Grabbed by the Ghoulies is still a fun game to play.

Sciurus_vulgaris2492d ago

I played through Grabbed by the Ghoulies via Rare Replay. I found Ghoulies to be descent, solid graphic, music and art, with tedious, repetitive gameplay.

PhoenixUp2492d ago

You forgot to mention Donkey Kong Country 1-3 remakes, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, Sabre Wulf, Banjo-Pilot, It's Mr. Pants, Diddy Kong Racing DS, & Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

Yeah they aren't on Xbox platforms, but it's still worth mentioning all the projects they've produced since the acquisition.

FallenAngel19842492d ago

Remember when Rare was a more respected developer in the industry than Naughty Dog?

The_Jackel2492d ago

Remember how this was poster last week or the week before? :/

ZeroX98762491d ago

you gotta thanks Microsoft for that!
When Microsoft bought them in 2002, I knew it wasn't going to end up well.

chaos-emeralds2491d ago

RARE Who?...playtonic games is the new king of the old block.

PhoenixUp2491d ago

Playtonic is a far cry from golden age Rareware