First Screens of Metal Gear Solid: Rising

GFB: The Microsoft presentation is in full swing and information for the biggest games has already begun. Among them is Metal Gear Solid: Rising which displayed second. We have the first gameplay screens of the title that got the audience excited. Check out the first gameplay screens of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and tell us what you think."

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vgn245154d ago

At least we know what that electric spine/whip thing is now, lol

El_Colombiano5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

And here we were being told it was going to look as good as MGS4.

WLPowell5154d ago

Raiden's character model looks good, but that robot was not up to snuff.

R2D25154d ago

Unless Sony pay's you guys for trolling then I dont see why you can give it a rest for one day.

Cold 20005154d ago

That def looks better than MGS4 but hey I was expecting full out denial. So much for the "mgs4 only possible on PS3" crap.

Crystallis5154d ago

this game wont have nowhere near the content of MGS4....try again.

gamelova5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

He's saying it looks better than MGS4, we are not talking about content yet. It does look better, when will you people grow up, lol. The PS3 has the best looking games, but MGS4 is one of the weakest when it comes to pushing PS3 potential. This game looks better, way better. You need new glasses. Here comes all the disagrees, this is how biased this site is, lol

Crystallis5154d ago

Im not doubting it looks good. The notion that MGS4 couldnt be done on the 360 was b/c of all the content.

WLPowell5154d ago

Try playing MGS4 to form an opinion. The only thing that came close to MGS4 was Raiden's character model (hair looked laughable it was blowing in the wind and he was inside a building, just flapping away) but THAT WAS IT! as I said before the detail/animations on the robot were not as good as the geckos from MGS4 (sorry but it's true)

Slightly Off Topic: I thought Rising and Kinectimals looked awesome (sue me, my inner pokemon fan enjoys shit like that)

Bhai5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

-MGS4 was on 29GB of space, 360 can't even dream of putting up with that with its primordial DVD, heh heh, and thats just one of many reasons it wasn't a fit for the 360 :)

-Moreover, Rising isn't a Metal Gear series game, its a spin-off with small segmented areas and enemies to kill... no stealth, no storyline depth, no exploration, just hack n slash, so OK its welcomed, but far from a magnificence that was MGS4...

-Finally, MGS4 was in 2008, Rising will be in 2011, heh heh, you got the point, a spin-off that'll be released after 3 years and is also on PS3 and PC, still upperhand for the PS3 with 1 true MGS4, 1 spin-off and also the true MGS5=MGS: Peace Walker on the PSP... You'll just have to make do with the leftovers ;)

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Snakefist305154d ago

Heard The Rumour Tat MGS Rising Going To Be ABUT 6 OR 7 DVDs On Xbox Just Like The Final Fantasy.Looks Like Ps3 Got The Upper Hand Around Here.

sam22365154d ago

R.I.P. Metal Gear series.


Dead_Cell5154d ago

It's about on-par with MGS4, not quite there yet but I'm willing to bet it will probably surpass it graphically when Rising actually hits the shelves.

Dramscus5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

He was refering to the stealth aspects of the game that are not apparent. Though I doubt it'll look mgs4 realistic when it releases.

Edit. Does look pretty good for a game on the xbox though. Still not impressed since I'm always looking at ps3 games.

Dead_Cell5154d ago

Replied to wrong post, I'm still not used to this N4G crap. I can't even track my own comments properly anymore.

Imperator5154d ago

Yea, no wonder Kojima rushed off the stage. That was just bad. The MS conference, as of now, is just fail.

WLPowell5154d ago

Peace Walker is the shit!!!!

raztad5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )


MGS is not dead yet. PLEASE DONT forget MGS:PW. Game is fantastic. It deserves good sales and not to be buried under a pile of piracy.

Ot: Where can I see this footage?

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ClownBelt5154d ago

It looks good, but this is not a real MGS game that people loved.

Fireseed5154d ago

"This" being in the present tense referring to a game that is unreleased, and stating that people did not love it in the past. Wow is your head so far up your own ass that your starting to become delusional?

StarScream4Ever5154d ago

The only thing that impressed me is how the slicing would have work with Move... Oh just imagine. ^_^

despair5154d ago

its a hack and slash...hope there's more to it than that and the actual gameplay looked jerky...