E3 10: Activision Signs Exclusivity Deal with Microsoft - Gamervision Reports

Gamervision - Microsoft announced today at their E3 press conference that Activison has signed an exlclusivity deal with the company to put any and all Call of Duty content created until 2011 on the Xbox first. This news is not that shocking to anyone who has noticed the trend of the past few years for map packs and such to appear as downloadable content on the Xbox 360 first.

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Shooter_McGavin4067d ago

Nothing shocking, but sucks for PS3 owners.

N4GAddict4067d ago

Yup, at least its timed exclusive.

WhittO4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Doesn't really suck, since most of the high-up people at Infinity Ward have left and the new Cods are so recycled they are barely worth a rental anymore lol.

I thought when they said exclusive deal with Actvision it would be no COD on PS3 at all, that would have an effect, but it turned out to be exclusive DLC (Which MS already have!?!?),

PS3 owners still get it after few months...

saint_john_paul_ii4067d ago

not even a few months, more like within a month.

this is the biggest waste of money...EVER...

hs1234067d ago

now i can see mw2 maps coming to black ops for the "low price" of $15

mrv3214067d ago

Let's not lie here it'll be $20.

deadreckoning6664067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

lol, one week earlier..big whoop. And thats assuming that I'm gunna wanna pay for a $15 map pack. Bad Company 2 is offering co-op, yes CO-OP for only 10 bux.

@BattleAxe- I agree, but hey, everyone has to make money somehow. Btw, DICE promised that V.I.P members would never have to pay for maps.

BattleAxe4067d ago

Yeah, I really want to pay $10 for a mode that should have been on the game to begin with. Great deal.....

RonXD4067d ago

dude bad company 2 maps are the same old maps for different game modes. nothing to boast about.

least mw2 is getting new maps.

CernaML4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

"least mw2 is getting new maps."

You use the word 'new' mighty loosely. :P

RonXD4067d ago

well of course. mw2 gets new and old maps. bad company 2 is just the same old maps for different game modes. EA and DICE are trying to make it seem like they are giving us free maps when in reality they aren't.

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cyborg69714067d ago

Ms can keep that crap. I'll take killzone 3 over that noobfest.

Mista T4067d ago

I was never gonna buy another COD and I own a ps3 and an xbox

sikbeta4067d ago

it doesn't sucks, Timed Exclusivity is a Waste of Time, Activision is the only One benefiting here while MS believes they are stealing exclusivity out something to other companies that at som,e point will have the same content For FREE,...

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N4GAddict4067d ago

Not really surprised that Microsoft decided to extend DLC timed exclusives to other Call of Duty games.

sjeen664067d ago

they never learn do they ..sigh

WMW4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

considering how little timed exclusive dlc has done for them in past i'm surprised they are wasting more money on it.

CaliGamer4067d ago

Sometimes DLC can be crap so XBOX owners can be my beta testers and then if it's good I can get it later. No need to get upset really, small matters.

Now bring on more KZ3, Resistance 3, and InFamous 2 info. Can't wait for Sony's announcements.

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