Embarrassing, Microsoft

And there we were, then. Dressed in white ponchos with broad shoulders. Surrounded by jungle effects, Hollywood celebrities and acrobatic players from Cirque de Soleil. In the middle of the floor, with stands on three sides. When Microsoft showed this motion-based, controller-solving Kinect technology (formerly Natal) they denied the gaming journalists from around the world to actually be journalists. We were instead participants in the show - several of us were even gone out and played with the acrobats.

I have never felt so embarrassed at a press event ever.

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3sq4016d ago

"Og vær så snill – dropp de ponchoene neste gang."

"And please - drop the ponchos next time." LOL

scofios4016d ago

MS must learn that gamers want games not circus atractions or movie stars and singers .

Gothdom4016d ago

I think MS lost touch of either reality or their consumers.

captain-obvious4016d ago

this event was shit
they have to make up for it after 5 hours

ryuzu4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Well this is MS trying to compete with the somwhat obscure Sony marketing of years past.

Looks like they aren't making a good job of it either :/

Still, if you've got no games to show (choreographed movement to game video in a realtime motion game - wtf!) then I guess creating a noise with some non-gaming stuff gets a few people looking your way.


El Botto4016d ago

lmao welcome to 2007, monkeys.

360 is standing on its last legs. For over a year we heard the bots excuse about Natal. We told them: "you have no games. Youre playing 2005 games on your consoles"

To which they replied: "Alan wake & Natal."

Alan never woke up, it flopped. And Natal is heading the same way fast.

Whats the latest excuse now? They been playing air for the last 2 years. They still be playing air 3 years from now.

sikbeta4016d ago


That's the Exact same thing I was thinking, Cirque De Soleil was just an attraction or a distraction seeing how MS used it as a Way to impress people with The Whole Show rather than with natal/kinect

ATLGAMER4016d ago

The first 2-3 years MS has been on it...the last few years they have been slacking

UltraNova4016d ago

Jesus its like Hell's gates are open and Satan along with his demons are free to unleash havoc and eternal pain on Microsoft!

LOL Ok I may have exaggerated a bit...:p

Is it just me or do all these negative impressions and criticism are somewhat reminding you of the global media assault on Sony and its PS3 way back 2006/7?

ThanatosDMC4016d ago

The circus and the jungle and everything else was to create distractions so that they dont see how bad Kinect really was. Too bad that someone recorded a vid of it though and it's all over the net.

BubZ-SkullY4015d ago

looool thats why they didn't want no gadgets there in the first place, good thing someone snuck in a phone/camera to let us know what was happening

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FiftyFourPointTwo4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Is that real? Coz there was a part there the character moved first than the player. Hmmm...

SillySundae4016d ago

But this is ridiculous.
A negative lag?

MegaPowa4016d ago

Are you really going to let something like this ruin the fun this might bring to you who cares it's just a little lag. stop being picky nerds about crap like this. If there was some sort of party with kinect set up would you really come out and talk about the lag and how we shouldn't be playing this WOULD YOU? cut the crap and enjoy games

bviperz4015d ago

It's not even lag, it's was all actors following pre-recorded stuff.

SpLinT4015d ago

everyone already knew that game wasnt real upfront gameplay. that's why it said coming 2011. DUHHH

Exquisik4015d ago

Really? I thought Phil Spencer, MS Corporate Vice President, actually said 'trailer of actual controller free gameplay' during MS' E3 press conference?

PLAYstar4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Your as clueless as a 5years old kid.. Be aware of that simple mindset of yours, M$ is cheating on the likes of easy target such as you.

Before E3 conference... The biggest flop in history showcase M$ly scam true color

Not long after, they desperately try to hide it! Cutting off the pathetic acting..

And in E3, notice that the star wars video was exactly the same thing the actor played? However, this time round NO ONE WAS PLAYING IT! Everything is pre-recorded, it was just a CGI!

A gif for those who are blindfolded..

Here is an advice from someone who is intelligent, don't be fool!

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beardpapa4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Somehow it would seem that microsofts idea of product promotion lies in the ability of the media to push it to the consumers. Looking back through the years, MS games have received loads of compliments from the mass media and these games sell very well.

However when a game doesn't get the kind of media push, it appears it doesn't do as well. Now people speculate check money affects the quality of journalism. Could this be true?

With this cirque de soleil event, it appears that MS may have been banking on amusing the experiences of the journalists with a one-of-a-kind event in hopes of bringing to light a positive outlook of kinect.

I say this only because Sony is the complete opposite in their method of product pushing,. Most of sonys devices and games are announced early or shown to public (not necessarily just journalists and not necessarily behind closed doors), with the exception of Gt5 (with it's various demo builds) but at least that game has been playable in some form at many public expositions. Also a lot of journalistic opinion of Sony products have mostly been hit-or-miss, with really positive products also gathering very positive consumer ratings, while negative items genuinely leave a sour impression.

Heisenberg4016d ago

MS has given up on us.... It's easier and cheaper to satisfy and trick kids and housewives. I saw this transition coming a mile a way... Nintendo's situation looked too damn sweet for MS to ignore.

avengers19784015d ago

HA, HA, HA, did MS xbox just give up, or is it me.

SpLinT4015d ago

how are they giving up? Looks to me like they are trying their best to take the millions of Wii owners (you know, the #1 console with motion controls) .

WLPowell4015d ago

You're not going to win over the nintendo crowd with a Microsoft manufactured version of an eyetoy-like device sans Mario. I know this retarded direction totally makes sense to you just because Microsoft is doing it, but it would be surprising (to say the least)if this does well at all. (I have xbot friends who are PISSED, and seriously contemplating jumping ship... for life)

kanedaakira4015d ago

Did anybody notice during the Kinetimals presentation where the girl is petting the tiger thingy-creature. She has her hands cupped under with her palms facing upwards but on screen her hands appear totally different (with her palms facing downwards) - Just an observation of mine. If anybody wants to gif that up it would be cool.

mcslick1014015d ago

They really over did it this year.

Simplicity is variety.

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cronaldo74016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

"I have never felt so embarrassed at a press event ever."

Brewski0074016d ago

"Kinect is, based on what we saw Sunday night, Wii and EyeToy HD, neither more nor less."
I think that sums up the general press reaction to this launch. Very poor from microsoft if they're having the press come away with these thoughts.

mcslick1014015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I have never felt so embarrassed on a gaming site.

Just some more Fanboys bashing their nemesis. Pathetic, PlayStation 3? who the fuck wants the Wii for like twice the price? Microsoft? Who wants to pretend to be an animal (I'm impressed with the hardware but software? MS better stop being retards and stop having their rod in a contaminated pond) Wii? Again, who the fuck wants a Wii?

Looks like you fanboys better better stop play terrible games on terrible hardware. Get a decent PC, you can get one capable of playing Crysis on full at $400, and if you really wanna see good graphics, get Crysis 2 on the PC.

dizzleK4016d ago

ms NEEDS to nail the rest of the week. they're getting the most disappointment from the media i think i have ever seen, we're already hitting "giant enemy crab" level lulz here.

DaBadGuy4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

That damn crab haunts me to this day. Ever since they announced Cirque Du Soleil as part of the event I thought it smelled fishy and wondered what the hell it would turn out like, now I know. But no, nothing will ever reach the heights of that crab. Ah see what I did there, inadvertant pun. But seriously, Cirque Du Soleil I guess I can understand, they are world renowned and popular, ok fine. But......crabs......enemy crabs......giant enemy crabs. Every so often I look at my PS3 and imagine crab legs bursting out the side and then the thing shatters and a crab attacks me, except the crab has a Kevin Butler head and is wearing Joker makeup. That is my dream, that is my nightmare.

Brian52474016d ago

makes Sony's Giant enemy crab gaffe look harmless. Press is angry.

jack_burt0n4016d ago

this beat sony 06

and kinext has beaten nin :) lmao

SpLinT4015d ago

someone needs to make a E3 Microsoft 2010 in a Nutshell

8thnightvolley4016d ago

damn... all these negetive news is not helping...i hope MS knws wtf they are doing coz i had big big hopes..coz now i am worried.