Gamers Play Nintendo Classic For Autism

" The ongoing Mario Marathon started June 11th at 6:00PM and will run for a week straight (168 Hours). They will be playing through a lot of the Mario games while raising money for ACT Today ( This charity provides grant money for families that cannot afford or access the treatments their autistic children need.

TheSpeedGamers have been streaming video game marathons for over a year to raise money for various charities. In total they have raised over $140,000 dollars and played 17 marathons. They have raised over $50,000 in their week long Final Fantasy Marathon, and have made multiple news appearances.
During the marathon we will have multiple contests to win various prizes. Some are contributed by TheSpeedGamers' gracious community members. "

Gamer community I urge you to tune in and watch. Maybe you will donate and spread the word. Show to people that gaming can be more than just a hobby.

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Nintenuendo3638d ago

I went to submit this story myself, and it came up as a duplicate! Definitely tune-in guys, it's an awesome cause.

coolasj3636d ago

work around with tons of different links. embedding always works though.