Resumeplay: Resonance of Fate Review

Resumeplay writes: "I don’t play any RPG games, the closest that I get to them is Fallout 3 and Fable 2. And in saying that before I ruffle any feathers, the list I provided is not even close to the RPG genre. I just feel that they share some of the same elements. Developed by tri-Ace and published by Sega, Resonance of Fate tested my will against the genre that is RPG. I found myself fighting the same boss multiple times as I used my tri-attack over and over. I threw the controller and nearly took out a cat. This game required patience, and I am not a very patient person."

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SKGamer3054d ago

Hmm, sounds like the game got pretty frustrating, but the final score is still pretty good. Maybe it's good if you're into the traditional RPG's?

rogue06743054d ago

Yeah I didn't have the patience, and I'm a just bad loser. Anyone who's into RPGs would like it tho.

SD26003054d ago

If I didn't have my hands full with a bunch of other RPG's I'd probably give it a go.

VenerableBmoney3051d ago

RPGs rarely impress me. Especially JRPGs. I always WANT to give them a shot but then I lose patience quickly. Seems that you had the same problems.