PSLS Presents – Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games

PSLS Writes: Joe Danger is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite PlayStation Network title of the year, getting stellar reviews across the web. The side-scrolling racer has brought Sony’s “Play, Create, Share” motto to the PSN with style, with comprehensive and easy to use level creation. To learn more about the game, its future and the struggles of a small developer, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games about everything from PlayStation Move, to Home, and even the future of the Games Industry in an extensive wide-ranging interview.

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user94220773143d ago

Loving this game. So fun.

Orange3143d ago

yeah, it's pretty addictive. wise move allowing you to restart a race just by hitting select...sometime I just miss a lane switch.

ftwrthtx3143d ago

and it fits right in with the whole "Play, Create, Share" tagline.

-Alpha3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It's a great game but the Creating and Sharing is underwhelming. You can only share and download from friends, and I have like 3 friends who have this game, none of which created anything yet. I need to add people who are good at making levels. If anybody is creating levels, please send them my way!

The split-screen is fun, but they are all races. I'd like to download some levels that focus on other objectives to play during split-screen. The single-player is great. Overall a very great game and I love it, but hopefully they allow for global sharing, and I'd like replay too.

Lack of replay and creating/sharing are my major problems, everything is golden. This game ranks next to Super Stardust HD & Wipeout HD, it's such a great game and I'm upset it's so under-the-radar. Hopefully it gets more recognition.

despair3143d ago

agreed if they patch it to an open share system this game will gain some serious legs, I only have 2 friends with the game so its even more depressing for me :(

doctorstrange3143d ago

But, as he mentioned, for a small dev, the costs are just too high

decimalator3143d ago

"Play, Create, Share" is really becoming its own sub-genre. I'm waiting for a "Play, Create, Share" FPS now...

doctorstrange3143d ago

Its interesting to see what Sean says about the genre

ftwrthtx3143d ago

PC gamers have been able to create their own "mods" for shooters for years. Why not for consoles?

doctorstrange3143d ago

I love Sony's direction they are taking with their games

decimalator3143d ago

Oh... or maybe a "Play, Create, Share" game where you can make other "Play, Create, Share" games... which might themselves be "Play, Create, Share" games. Oh no, my brain is melting... too much recursion... infinite loop....

-Alpha3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Halo has that decimalator. You can make your own maps, modes, and rules, and it's very fun. That's how griffball was invented. "Play Create Share" has existed for a long, long, time, PC mods are a terrific example, and it's funny because it has existed in games like Halo for a while (and Unreal Tournament had it too, as tempr1x says below). User generated content is great fun.

decimalator3143d ago

Yeah, but PC mods never really integrated the three.

Sure, there is a much longer history of "user generated content" than since LBP and Mod Nation and now Joe Danger... but these games are starting to integrate them into one seamless package, with the tools being easy enough for anyone to use them.

You could say that "user generated content" has been around for as long as hex editors and binary patching tools have been around, but how many people know what a hex editor is?

T3mpr1x3143d ago

You should check Unreal Tournament III, been out for a while but allows for mods of all kinds.

decimalator3143d ago

Yeah, but the mod tools weren't integrated into the game. I wouldn't really consider that a "Play, Create, Share" game. IMO, for a game to be a true "Play, Create, Share" game, each of the three pillars need to be as simple and easy as the others. If making a mini-game or track or mod or map or whatnot is much, much harder or requires separate tools on a PC that not anyone who has the game is going to know how to use... not really a "Please, Create, Share" game, IMO.

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Taggart4513143d ago

I've heard too many good things about this game NOT to get it. Next thing I download is this.

joinsideke3143d ago

m really torn about their new title... maybe in a sleepy haze I'll buy it...