10 Misunderstandings Alan Wake Doesn't Have About Washington State

GameXplain writes: "Playing Remedy's recent game Alan Wake, our staff from Washington State couldn't help but feel right at home wandering through the woods, drinking coffee, and nearly driving off cliffs. And while some things were a little off, we appreciated the little taste of home, and couldn't help but be surprised at the little differences."

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RememberThe3573054d ago

Hit the nail pretty much on the head.

Cevapi883054d ago

beautiful place....spent my 1st year of college at of the best places to go and explore/hike.....the weather does take some time getting used to...but at least you get no snow....and if you get a couple of inches of gets canceled lol

RememberThe3573054d ago

Shit, I'm a little bit jealous, I'm not gonna lie. My Ex went to SU on a basketball scholarship and she loved it. I wish I could afford SU :( shit I wish I could just get into SU lol.

The snow thing is hilarious. People in Seattle see snow and they can't move.

Cevapi883054d ago

thats why i only went 1 year....couldnt afford it anymore....but it was a great experience :)

mcslick1013054d ago

Why is it when people not from the US make a something to do with the US, Americans always jump at it and say "That's not right, that doesn't happen here, they got that wrong".

If you Americans had a look at some of you're films, games based elsewhere or based on a person from elsewhere you always 'get it wrong'. Shut up and deal with it.

WildArmed3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

lol I'm sorry, but if you are going to jump on the American pinpoint everything bandwagon just because of a few articles on N4G, you need to get out more.

Regardless where you live, there will be atleast ONE person, pinpoint something wrong.
Whether it's the wrong dialect of a language, or we dont have PALM TREES IN OREGAN!

There's always one person.

And trust me, it's not exclusively limited to the US.

US's stereotypical hollywood movies get enough shit for being stereotypical from international and national critics. (I'm not saying it's not deserved.)

Ofc, you're free to hate on US.
I'm just trying to prove a point. Just felt since you did post this in your comment section, maybe you were looking for a reasonable reply.

Fyi, i personally think articles like these were made for comedic purposes. Not to criticize the game/developers itself.

Tony P3054d ago

That's not right, that doesn't happen here, you got that wrong

NegativeCreepWA3054d ago

Tell me why there's always some snotty euro saying you Americans this, you Americans that?

mcslick1013054d ago

Woah, woah. I don't hate Americans and all I'm saying is American media has got alot of foreign cultures wrong, alot more than any other country which can (given the US is the media center of the world) give people wrong impression. It's a game or a film I doesn't have to be exact - it's for people entertainment.

I understand how anybody can get any one thing about a foreign culture wrong, it's foreign after all and I'm not pinpointing Americans all I'm say is that this is the second article about two separate games based in America made by two foreign companies and both games where of excellence but got mocked for it's ignorance towards American culture.

Lich1203054d ago

I live in Redmond, WA and after reading the article it seemed playful if not praising. Also, I thought the game did a really good job. But then again, I grew up in ohio, where our sterotypes are smoking/drinking heavily and being poor. I'd like to see a european game pull that one off!

webeblazing3054d ago

its alright i agree others wont cause its true but it do happen both ways

djfullshred3054d ago

mcslick101 - You do realize this article was written with humorous intent, don't you? Do they make any jokes in your country, or are they all as serious as you?

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NegativeCreepWA3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Sorry, but the article is pretty much all false. Same with the article that was on here the other day.

Our festivals aren't named after animals. There all named after plants, trees and, fruits.

andresegers3054d ago

So what fruit is Salmon Days based on?

Campy da Camper3054d ago

I grew up in the Emerald City and the snow thing is so true. 2 inches and people literally leave their cars in the road and run home. Now, I live in Spokane, WA (about 350 miles due East) and when we get 2 FEET of snow, my work calls me up and goes, "Um, you coming in or what?"

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JOLLY13054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

and I approve this message...

*edit* I guess I'm not from WA and I don't approve this message... (scratches his head)

Christopher3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

You never really know yourself until someone on the Internet tells you who you are, Jolly1.

Acquiescence3054d ago

Maybe some folk simply refuse to believe you're from WA. Maybe they want you to be closer!

Darkstorn3054d ago

Oregon > Washington >:D

dr_chicago3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Maybe Eastern Washington. Assuming this is a Portland vs. Seattle thing, I have never heard a single good reason why Portland is better than Seattle apart from Powell's.

Dac2u3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Oregon drivers actually know how to drive. I've lived in Washington most of my life and I hate the drivers here. I've also lived in Oregon for a few years. When crossing between the two states you can actually tell that you're in Washington because most of the cars will slow down and drive in the left hand lane.

Also, Portland has way better weather than Western Washington overall.

dr_chicago3054d ago

Yes, that's one hundred percent true. I took a road trip and could tell when I was back in Western Washington without road signs. Try 520 west during rush hour. But no one lives in Oregon. It has about half the population WA does, and all of WA's people live west of the mountains.

Also, I would hardly live in OR over WA cause of the better drivers.

Megaton3054d ago

Funny you'd mention drivers, Dac. I live in Los Angeles, but I have family in Oregon (Bend). Whenever we go to visit, driving is horribly slow. I'd say at least 10 - 20mph slower on average than us down here. Then again, we probably just drive too fast. I get that a lot from friends who come in from somewhere else in the country.

dr_chicago3054d ago

Eh, I'm being unfair. If for some reason I was expelled from Washington, I'd prolly just go south. They're really not that dissimilar when compared with...say....the rest of the U.S.

NegativeCreepWA3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Too bad people in Oregon are too dumb to be allowed to pump their own gas. The one time I went Oregon I was yelled at for pumping my gas.

They both look the same to me.

djfullshred3054d ago

Haha, everytime I drive through Oregon, I wonder why the heck everyone is driving so slow....then I see those highway patrol police every two miles along the side of the freeway & realize why.

Darkstorn3054d ago


Portland has better land-use planning than Seattle (it's much easier to get around the city), it has better parks than Seattle, and the weather is slightly better (a couple inches less rain per year).

I divide my time between Northern CA (which is awesome) and Southern Oregon (which is full of rednecks), so while I am defending Portland against Seattle, they are both members of the Pacific Northwest and the animosity between them should not be so great.

Also, I completely agree that having someone else pump your gas is idiotic, then again, in Oregon we don't have a sales tax - we simply pay more for property tax.

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gfunkera103054d ago

Oregon LULZ!!!

I love my rain, my snow...I love Washington. I actually just took a road drive down to california....and I will say Oregon has the best highways I have driven, but there drivers are pretty similar. Now California.....highways are horrible, and the drivers don't know how to use turn signals and half the people are driving 20mph faster than the other half, so makes for crazy driving.

djfullshred3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Life long Californian here...the thing that drives me crazy the most about drivers here in California is they have no concept of moving over to the right to let faster cars pass on the freeway. People here have some kind of attitude problem thinking they own the left lane, even if they are the slowest car on the road.

But then again, I am not sure what a "California driver" is, because 90% of people in California are from somewhere else. ;-)

dragonelite3054d ago

Yeah the atmosphere is so good in this game.

Jdash243054d ago

I'm from Whidbey Island and I can confirm that Puget Sound's water is in fact, toxic.

Campy da Camper3054d ago

I though all salmon had 3 eyes?