Study: No one wants to buy Natal or Move

Oh, this is delicious.

Now look at the Industry Spin on this.

The low purchase intent figures reflect the current lack of information about compatible games for the devices. Microsoft and Sony are expected to reveal more motion-compatible games at next week’s E3 event in L.A., where the controllers will be a central attraction, after which purchase intent may rise.

Notice how Nintendo never gets written in the same way as Sony or Microsoft does. Nintendo is always written about as ‘doomed’ even if their product is constantly sold out. But Microsoft and Sony are *never* doomed. How can this be? It is not probable that one company is always doomed and the other companies are never doomed.

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Al Bundy5151d ago

Don't let Greenberg see this.

knight6265151d ago

funny how they say no one wants to buy natal or move but at the end of all this millions will be sold

WildArmed5149d ago

Yeah, because the people who want natal/Move aren't the ones visitng sites like N4G and doing surveys.

Conloles5149d ago

Hallelujah finally some sense, god these are such gimmicks

hey Al also tell that to Sony.

Anarki5149d ago

I think Move is guaranteed to sell, just look at the Wii and it's success.

k jules5149d ago

Both Natal and Move try to get the attention of the casuals, the group that either hasn't been in this study or don't know anything about it. I as a core gamer don't give a shit for both, but I am not the kind of person Sony and MS are aiming at.

DirtyLary5148d ago

I'll snag the MOVE with the Socom 4 bundle. Would never buy them alone.

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Double Toasted5149d ago

Don't let al bundy see this. Oh, I forgot, his shades block all things not speaking greatly of sony.

MysticStrummer5149d ago

While your statement about Al's shades mayor may not be true, your first statement makes little sense when you consider that the article says neither new control system is wanted.

D4RkNIKON5149d ago

You know that screen shot actually looks really good, too bad the gameplay looks about as boring as jumprope.

Inside_out5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

M$ is/has developed Natal for the same reasons laid out in the article...To attract the Wii casual gamers over to the 360...What's wrong with that. Anyone who only plays shooters is not being forced to buy Natal. As of right now, I haven't seen any apps for shooters, but there may be...E3 will explain...

The Wii has sold 70++ million consoles...NO HD...NO 3D...NO Blu-ray...Prime candidates for a new slim 360 with Natal and 360 version of Wii sports...all for $250-299...The spin...simple, you don't need a new TV to play it...M$ betting the farm on this...will it work???...MTV...Spike TV and Times square are carrying the presentation...tune in and find out for yourself...

Computer...run video...

avengers19785149d ago

I will be buying the Playstation Move but have not answered any survey's to say so. I like the move and am interested in seeing what other games are coming out for it. There are also some PSN games like "pain", and "high volecity bowling" that seem perfect for move support.

Hallmark Moment5149d ago

Yes he is the only one that shouldn't see this ;) LOL Only on N4G can a fanboy turn anything into a bash on Microsoft.

sikbeta5149d ago

Stop acting like a Victim dude, read the article, it says NONE of the 2 are wanted, get it?

mookins5149d ago

Hallmark never reads before he talks.

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ingiomar5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

i want to buy natal and i trust that microsoft knows what they are doing and brings a great experience to my living room..

Do i sound like im paid to say that?

edit: why am i getting disagrees? because i want to buy natal?

mrv3215150d ago

The trusting Microsoft hardware bit is your big mistake.... The first 360's are being weaponized they are that lethal... to be weaponized they have to be made LESS lethal in order to comply with the UN. You know they attached sirens to Struggar Bombers in WW2 to scare people... it's not like you CAN'T hear them from up high.

Saddam's Kuwait army didn't surrender in Kuwait because of lack of food or water but because they Red Ringed.

If your getting paid to say this you should invest some money in a dictionary and spell check... OR GET LINUX to have it auto check words for you.

MysticStrummer5149d ago

I'm not one of the disagrees (yet), but your statement that Microsoft knows what they are doing could bring on disagrees given the initially shoddy workmanship of the 360.

fantasygamer5151d ago

Im interested in MOVE only if there are games that interest me aswell. (good tech but needs the games) The Ping pong and the Archery looked interesting. But i wanna know more about that Horror looking game. ^-^

RedDragan5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

Don't know why some people are disagreeing with you. You'd think you would know more about your own interests than someone you had never met.

I think that if somebody wants to get move it is there entitlement. I find it funny how others might think it is wrong for you to want something they don't like. Kind of North Korea-ish if you ask me.

Fanboys are not democratically minded. They want to be dictators... sad, very sad.

D4RkNIKON5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

I think Sony knows this and wants to deliver games that are compatible with Move. I will be getting one for sure because I love how accurate they are and I can use it to play LBP, LBP2, Socom, GT5.

The fact that it has all of the buttons needed to play ANY game means that games will hopefully support it as an option for people who prefer it over the Dualshock. I know people are about to say "Who would prefer Move to a dualshock?!" Well my wife for one.. also some might be better at shooters with the move being that it is more like a mouse.

Last but not least, I will use Move sitting down to play most games, try doing that with Natal and have fun clearing out 13 feet of room in your living room to jump about.

sikbeta5149d ago

I'm interested in Move cos that Minority Report Video, Ape Escape, Motion-Fighters and SOCOM4, but I want to see how Good the Move is Against the Dualshock3, according to the Zipper Team, Move Players PWN DS3 Players...

ticklechamp5149d ago

It all boils down to the games. The way Sony works, I'm sure they will have many different game types that appeal to the many different needs of gamers. Once Sony developers produce what I'm looking for, I will purchase Move.

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Tommykrem5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

I think I'll check out Move. If games like Ape Escape and Patapon appears for it. Sony has a lot of franchises, and some of them haven't even seen a PS3 release yet (If the cow's alive, milk it) and the technology looks interesting, and I already have the PS eye. So three reasons for me really.

Yeah, that flashlight game in the trailers looks great.

earbus5149d ago

I will get natal for pc ui apps maybe some 360 games.