What big surprise does Bethesda have planned for E3 2010?

This question has been picking at my brain since reading up on Bethesda’s list of games to be at E3. The magic four include Fallout: New Vegas, Rage, Brink, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Interestingly, none of the four are actually being developed by Bethesda’s in-house team. So in that case, what is Bethesda Game Studios up to? The Elder Scrolls V? Elder Scrolls MMO? A new IP? Hmm…

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Cajun Chicken3989d ago

I know it'll probably be shown at Quakecon and is Id's other title apart from Rage...but come on...I really want to see something of Doom4.

N4GAddict3987d ago

Me too. Been so long since Doom 3

Bobbykotickrulesz3987d ago



Darkstorn3987d ago

I'm hoping for Elder Scrolls 5. Morrowind's story and world was amazing, Oblivion made the Elder Scrolls formula super-accessible, and TES 5 should combine the best aspects of the two.

n to the b3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

"Oblivion made the Elder Scrolls formula super-accessible"

not as much of a refinement to accessibility as Fallout 3 IMO. I hope the streamlined leveling system carries over to tES5. also Dear Bethesda, Please improve magic spells graphics. Sincerely, n to the b (well lightning was ok...)

dktxx23989d ago

Its TES 5 time Bethesda.

And you know, TES might be a series well suited for Move and Natal.

hybridtheory123989d ago

Unless its designed differently than Oblivion. With the melee and magic in oblivion, move and natal would fit perfectly. But TES 5 shouldnt be the same

N4GAddict3987d ago

If they do that, they should make Move/NAtal optional

dktxx23987d ago

ya 100% optional, but think of oblivion's arena, with fully 1:1 sword and shield control, and just for that part of the game. itd be awesome imo.

but ya i dont mean the whole game should use move or natal as the primary control method. that would blow.

Blacktric3987d ago

Casting spells with Move!

Faztkiller3989d ago

Elder Scrolls 5 non MMO I hope also Really want to see some RAGE and DOOM

Xof3987d ago

My money is on a game, any game, that they will bill specifically as not being "Oblivion with X," X being whatever the single defining trait of that game is. And the game itself will simply be Oblivion with X.

If it's TESV, expect Oblivion... again.

Canary3987d ago

Bethesda may not be the best developer out there, far from it, but their games do manage to be fairly entertaining for a very long time, even if the writing does leave a bitter aftertaste.

And I think the biggest problem with TES isn't Bethesda, but the TES series itself. It's a very cliche world (from what I've seen in TES3 and TES4), with very boring monsters to fight. I don't think TESV will be any good unless it can include enemies that are bigger and more menacing. Like dragons and wyverns and bigass trolls. When the biggest enemy in the game is only twice as tall as the player and goes down in two hits, something's wrong with the game.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3987d ago

i think the surprise of bethesda will be releasing a game without any bug.

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The story is too old to be commented.