FFXIV E3 Trailer Screenshot

Soseki from Games on Smash writes: Famitsu has posted this screenshot from an in-game E3 trailer of FFXIV, which will be presented by Producer Hiromichi Tanaka himself:

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Mucudadada3054d ago

I'm not exactly excited about this one (it's just not my style), but I must admit that it's the prettiest MMO that I have seen.

Anon73493054d ago (Guild fuking wars 2) (blade & Soul) (Tera online)

These 4 MMOs (including FF14) look and play completely different in comparison to traditional MMOs.

Pain3054d ago

Day 1... till the servers power down.. i'll be there.

PS360WII3054d ago

Got to be there day 1! Can't get too far behind those who never turn the game off...

Myst3054d ago

Wish I could be in the beta at the moment.

Crystallis3054d ago

Same here. I can not wait for this game. I hope they give a release date at E3.

Spydr073054d ago

Well, the elves look gay just like in XI. Is anyone in the Alpha?

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