In Which I Disagree With Heavy Rain Creator David Cage

Bitmob community writer Elizabeth Simins wonders: "Does Heavy Rain have more inherent value than Bejeweled? An argument for the peaceful coexistence of serious and lighthearted games."

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rod_furlong3051d ago

I'd like to read the full interview because that Cage quote was a bit outrageous, at least on its own.

Sadie21003051d ago

Too bad Heavy Rain will never be as big as bejeweled...

wiggles3051d ago

"But come on! There’s nothing wrong with games that don’t take themselves all that seriously."

When she says this, I think she is misunderstanding his point. He doesn't want to kill off all outrageous one man army games....He doesn't care that the genre exists, he just wants there to be the more realistic option of having a unique story that can't be duplicated.

He just wants to have a game genre that has a realistic story instead of the generic story. I mean look in your shelfs and see how many games have one person going against an army/villain who wants to take over/destroy the world. almost all of my games can be defined by this.

He just wants to make the number less by having a more realistic story.

MysticStrummer3051d ago

I'll agree that Heavy Rain is not the first game that can be debated as "art", but as for the implication that Cage wants ALL games to be that way, she failed to read the quotes from the very interview she posted. He clearly says "some developers" should do games like this, not all developers.