Jack Black Plays Wii Sports

Before anything else, Jack Black should be recognized for his contributions as exactly one half of the power-rock (mostly) acoustic duo, Tenacious D. Sure, he had starring roles in School of Rock and Nacho Libre (as well as the Tenacious D movie, Pick of Destiny), but it's his musical work with The D that he deserves the most love for. Oh yeah... he also stole the show in some little-known movie from 2005, King Kong.

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masterg4518d ago

Wow, Jack actually make the wii look fun.
I didn't think that was possible.

sMoKe4518d ago

is a fat bloke who sings and anything can be fun

JIN KAZAMA4517d ago

the wii. One MORE reason, NOT to buy that piece of garbage.

Dick Jones4517d ago

Why should i care about people who will never have to work a day in their life.

Kaneda4517d ago

to loose some weight... :) Jenny Craig didn't do anything for him.. :)