Deal Of The Day - $29.99 Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard Bundle - Recession Proof Gaming

Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard bundle retails for $120. A huge investment for a game that didn't score very well with the critics. Well for one day only, you can get the Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard bundle for $29.99! Welcome back to Recession Proof Gaming!

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jaredhart3054d ago

when most critics considered it unplayable?

Yi-Long3054d ago

... I wouldn't want this worthless junk in my house if it was offered to me for free.

SeanRL3053d ago

lol everybody hates this game.

4221853053d ago

They probably have a lot of them in stock, Nobody bought this piece of junk.

Szarky3053d ago

Still a rip off at $30. I'd rather play Skate 3.

edgeofblade3053d ago

I suppose it's better than selling it for the scrap metal in the board...

trounbyfire3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

and set on fire so the smell would be burn in my skin

seriously rape is not a funny or laughing matter and neither is this game

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The story is too old to be commented.