21 Reasons Why E3 Sucked

In this article Gameplayer argues that E3 2007 will be remembered for the games that didn't appear, rather than the ones that did. With everyone scrapping over the few bits of new information to come out of the show, Gameplayer turns the spotlight on 21 big games that failed to recognize that the event even existed.

"For the most part, E3 2007 was old news before it even began."

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SpaceCowgirl5422d ago

With a lot of developers and generally companies not putting as much investment into the Smaller (and in my opinion less exciting) MP3. There does not seem to be as much incentive for developers or companies to really use E3 as their big time launching point. Usually E3 leaves people satisfied with the gigantic explosion of information and sensory wonders. But most people I talk to are left feeling quite hungry after the whole thing.

astrobrights5422d ago

E3 was definitely a bit weak. I think we also have to keep in mind that it was intentionally scaled down from the previous years. I think some good news came out of E3, but nothing to write home to mom about.

Genki5422d ago

and it's no longer recognized as the big game show of the year anymore. I think that title may belong to Leipzig(sic) now anyway, but then again, I suppose that remains to be seen.

In all honesty, Microsoft seems to have left quite a bit out of E3, if not intentionally for game shows later in the year such and the Leipzig convention. Two of Sony's biggest guns were shown in all their glory at E3 in KZ2 and MGS, and I honestly can't think of anything but the Getaway matching it's target trailer that can top those couple of presentations.

It should be interesting to see how Leipzig and TGS unfold.

Dukester1015422d ago

I like the new format of E3... it's more business and getting down to the point, while at the same time, showing your investors, and chairpersons what you're up to, and how well you fiscal predictions panned out in the past year, as well as your predictions for the next fiscal year.

Also, journalists got a little taste of things to whet their whistles, and satisfy them for now.

I like the business format better- it's small, clear-cut, short, and less confusing. You can actually get things done at the new E3. I know all the gamers out there will hate me for saying this, but I'm a business man before I'm a gamer... but I am both!

SlappingOysters5422d ago

The behind closed door negotations were always there though. There was just some big name game announcements too. Much more than this year. I think that given the smaller audience of more specialist press, they should have been showing more, not less.

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