Pre-E3 2010: Project Natal And PS2 EyeToy Comparison

Ironstar: "Innovation, no. Imitation yes! Microsoft's methods of luring suspecting crowds into the Natal craze proves that the superfluous celebrity acquaintanceship that promotes the platform are as misleading as the capabilities of its hardware. I won't knock Natal for embracing the wheel..."

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DelbertGrady4023d ago

Eyetoy - Tracks motion in 2D.
Natal - Tracks motion in 3D.

I'm pretty sure we'll see games that push the Natal a little more at E3. The Richochet game isn't that impressive. Until then I'm eagerly awaiting your "Move and Wii comparison" article.

thebudgetgamer4023d ago

and like you said we will see what they have at e3. im hoping for some fun stuff.

KingTavy4023d ago

I just hope there's a way to not look like an idiot while playing. That video on the net kinda made it look ridiculous.

-Alpha4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Yeah, we ought to wait for E3. The article is pretty unfair otherwise. You can't have a comparison with a released product and an unreleased product. That defeats the purpose of having a comparison, at least a fair one. The technology behind Natal is obviously more advanced/different than that of EyeToy. However, we have yet to see much yet from Natal aside from demonstrations. Hopefully MS puts together a show that highlights the games at E3, as it's pretty much the last important stop.

But then again if you wait for Natal's actual games then they will surely outdo the EyeToy games, which makes the comparison pretty worthless to begin with. As a result the comparison becomes biased either way.

thebudgetgamer4023d ago

and i dont mind looking like an ass while playing since im used to making an ass of my self anyways.

Conloles4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Lol what a guess its Ironstar this sites nearly as bad as HHG.... No doubt they wont do a comparison between Move and Wii.

Im gonna love to see all the droids reaction at E3.

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tplarkin74023d ago

EyeToy games require you to stare at yourself, as if you're looking into a mirror.

Natal makes an interactive skeleton, and you then become a polygonal character.

darkdoom30004023d ago

no. Eyetoy antigrav never required you to look at yourself, you play as a polygonal character you see on a hoverboard onscreen as you play through a track- I know cause I have it.

Both devices just detect motion.
natal does it in 3D.

BTW, paint bucket application was pretty useless. they could have shown something a lot better :/

IdleLeeSiuLung4023d ago

EyeToy looks pretty neat, but in those videos they all look gimmicky ways to get around the lack of depth perception.

For instance that antigrav game, you move your arms around to give the input. That is because it can't see depth and therefore can't tell what way you are facing, let alone what foot is in front.

In all the other games, people are looking from the side (ouch! my neck!). Sony really should have pursued this technology since they were a head of the curve... Instead they decided to copy the Wii! What a backwards step!

With that said, I'm expecting Natal to be very glitchy....

Either way, I'm exciting to be part of the new controller experience. I haven't been this excited for any new technology in a long time and this has the potential to be the standard in decades to come.

keysy4204023d ago

but lets be honest here you can only do so much wtih a camera. you may move your self in 3d but the camera will only play 2d games. get what i mean, every camera track depth perception so its hard to really see the new tech. all natal do is skeleton your body

keysy4204023d ago

every camera track depth perception

rezzah4023d ago

Move can do some pretty neat things too, if anyone saw that vid HHG showed youd all know. Being able to go around any creation you make, twist it and still be able to show exactly how you made it, same thing for live videos of yourself. twisting mini screens on the tiv itself and being able to go around those. Then the human figure control thing, lol I dunno what to call that. Absolute control of the upper body, I cant see legs can be implemented properly by moving around. maybe thats why they got the analoge stick.

starchild4023d ago

This article was really unprofessional. It sounds like it was written by a fanboy. Why do we have to get so much of this kind of garbage on N4G?

There is quite a big difference between the eye toy (and similar devices) and Natal. Otherwise, why would that Israeli company and Microsoft have spent so much time and money developing technologies that already existed? The idea is absurd. Suggestions that Natal is merely equivalent to the eye toy is insulting to the intelligence of any reasonably sensible person.

PRHB HYBRiiD4023d ago

is the same move=better copy of the wii mote natal=better copy of the eye toy

D4RkNIKON4023d ago

Wii, proven success. Eyetoy not so much, there is only so much you can do with a camera before you need the controller.

Wrathman4023d ago

all natal needs is a glowing stick peripheral.couple that with the 3d natal tech and voila! it owns sonys MOVE.

TK4214023d ago

Sony should show some of those eye toy videos at their booths after the MS press conference just for grins.

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xaviertooth4023d ago

if i want casual games, i'll go play on facebook or the craps available in app store. will i buy a non-sense camera to pretend i am doing something without the controllers...? never.

BannedForNineYears4023d ago

You deserve more than 1 bubble.
Mainly due to your icon. xD

I'll give you intelligent bubbles.....Not like it makes much of a difference.

But to make it seem like my comment isn't off topic.....
Project Natal has some potential......But the potential hasn't been shown off AT ALL!!!!!!!
The red ball game is the only thing we've seen.....Besides the "Ever wonder what the bottom of your avatar's shoe looks like? Well bam!!!!! There it is."

ArchangelMike4023d ago

Why Natal does not appeal to me, is precisely that I don'y want to hold my hands out in front of me and 'pretend' to be stearing / driving a car. I would rather have such as a logitech steering wheel and feelt he force feedback from bumps and scrapes etc. This adds to the immersion of the game imo.

The whole "you are the controler" concept is definately last gen eye toy shpiel. Yes I know Natal has 3D tracking and not just 2D tracking but as yet nothing has been shown that the eyetoy cannot do. I am actually more intruged by what Microsoft will show with Natal, than what Sony will show with Move come E3. I already have a pretty good idea of the sort of thing that Move will be shown, but with Natal on the other hand... I hope they have more than Milo and Richocet!

cliffbo4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )


don`t forget the jedi mind trick ms has up it`s sleeve you know the one where natal does virtual force feedback!. lol

alphakennybody4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

and to those still thinking the move is wii rip off this vid dates all the way back to 2000.

alphakennybody4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Notice that the wii was conceived in 2001, thats a year later after that eyetoy motion control demo which was already working. I'm sure the reason it didn't lift off on the ps2, was because of that ridiculous size of the ball back then.

starchild4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

God you PS3 fanboys are such dorks. Yes, yes, Sony created the universe too. There isn't anything that wasn't first created by Sony. /s

You care way too much about this console war crap. Whoever took the time to make a video like that is a loser with no life.

If you guys actually played games half the amount of time you troll on videogame sites on the internet you might be able to call yourself gamers.

alphakennybody4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

how is this trolling? I'm just stating facts. Someone didn't get their cookies and milk tonight.

starchild4023d ago

Shush, shush little child. I'm sorry I shook your faith in Sony. Don't let anybody tell you that Sony isn't god and the sole creator of all life on earth. If anyone tells you otherwise they are a fanboy. Sony is god and PS3 is his personal incarnation on earth.

Now you can stop sobbing and lay your little head to rest.

The real killer4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

You need really shut your mouth, the Move is long before Nintendo reveal the Wii, and the tech what in Wii is not from Nintendo itself, they use licents ;)

Difference is that Nintendo releas it first and while Sony take more development for the Move and it's Sony own stuff.

Microsoft must buy that technolochy and Nintendo need licents in order to use those stuff.

You are nothing more than 360 fantroll, ignore the facts is the way people like you are very good at it.

That's why people like you still don't the history about Move and the Eyetoy.

ChozenWoan4023d ago

Actually, PSMove uses the same tech license as the Wiimote. Most dev studios have wii experience and thus why it's so easy for them to work with PSMove. The PSMove just takes it all one step further using the glowing sphere and the PSEye. Which gets you the best of the Motion+ and Natal all in one amazing system that is light on the system resources and provides unparalleled accuracy.

D4RkNIKON4023d ago

I love when people try to argue with proven facts. This video was done in 2000! Before the wii. and that is all there is to it.

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shoddy4023d ago

every time I think of motion control free this come to mind:

thebudgetgamer4023d ago

looks like he just lost all confidence in his parents judgement.

Meryl4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

lol make sure you read this this is why natal is just eyetoy 3 (ps eye was 1st, ps eye 2nd, natal is 3rd), it is bringing nothing new despite tracking is now in 3d instead of 2d, but yet eyetoy can do everything natal can...
it's nice to have 2 bubbles now, just watch them get eaten again now i said this, but fans hate the truth.

wages of sin4023d ago

So a bunch of people who don't know what they are talking about, are saying the failed eyetoy is the equal of Natal.

Good luck with that SDF. PLAY BEYOND!

tehReaper4023d ago

I love how some people automatically assume their opinion is the truth.

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