Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Box Art Revealed

Check out the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions box art at PlayStation University.

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WildArmed5129d ago

Regardless of how crappy the cover looks. I hope the game has more flair.
Because at this point I dont even bother reading the coverage of this game, it just has a huge label of fail all over it.

But if it's anything like Spidey 2 (the best Spidey game imo), I may go pick this one at full price!

But i'll wait for the reviews to rag on the game first.

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nskinnear5129d ago

Looks like something that belongs in the bargain bin honestly :p

Hopefully the actual game is decent.

EXID5129d ago

what a horrible cover -__-

Ripyealip5129d ago

looks really bad in the future spiderman would be shot and killed by now lol

Cajun Chicken5129d ago

I'd be happier if Prototype 2 just reared it's head, really.

Blaze9295129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

Same here! I can't believe people didn't like Prototype - I absolutely loved it. I'm hoping they still put out a sequel.


Strange...this is the most I've seen people with 4 bubbles. You, Ripyealip, and nskinnear. How the hell did that happen? Getting 4 bubbles now with this stupid system is like seeing Big Foot.

nskinnear5129d ago

Hmm... I wonder how the first Prototype sold. Never played it myself, but it seemed like a decent game. I'd like to see a sequel for sure.

WildArmed5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

The game was a blast to play.
But the character sucked and so did the story.
But it had great potential.
And I'm hoping (unannounced) Prototype 2 will live up to it.

And hopefully this time around it won't launch in the same time frame as another sandbox game (inFAMOUS).

I love sandbox games, so I for one will be happy to add prototype 2 to my sandbox games list.

(PS: I'm not gonna start an inFAMOUS vs Prototype war here, because we all have opinion, and I dont feel like expressing mine on the matter here)

nskinnear5129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

I had more bubbles with the old N4G >.<

This new update sucks btw. Just wanted to get that out there.

Back on topic: The box art is terribly generic.

GarandShooter5129d ago

I prefer 'Sasquatch' if you don't mind. :P

Ripyealip5129d ago

i dont kno how i got 4 bubbles it just happened:)

huzzaahh5129d ago

I personally found Prototype to be boring after I got half-way through. I enjoyed it, but it got a bit stale. If they do make a sequel, I hope it's more varied and I hope that it has good graphics. The graphics sucked hard.

I've seen one person with !!5!! bubbles.

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Ripyealip5129d ago

im gonna buy the first one iv seen gameplay and it looks really fun.

Cajun Chicken5129d ago

Prototype was Crackdown meets Destroy all Humans and Spiderman 2: The Game on steroids. The upgrading is awesome, it makes lots of different play styles. Totally different than the Assassins Creed, Jak 2 mixed with Uncharted gameplay of Infamous.

There's a point 3/4 through Prototype that you upgrade and can play the game like a hack and slash game, it's awesome. I didn't turn that mode off after that.

The plot isn't the best though. Hopefully the sequel works on that.

nskinnear5129d ago

Sounds to me like Prototype was a good game with some faults. If they can fix a few issues, the sequel (if there ever is a sequel) could turn out great.

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