14 Reasons to Hate Mass Effect 2

A. Brown of Explicit Gamer writes, "I completely understand how much everyone loved Mass Effect 2. I also understand how easy it is to forget to take off the rose-colored spectacles. Much like a medieval jester, we are here to poke some holes in the high and mighty to keep things grounded."

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DA_SHREDDER3105d ago

High and mighty? Surely your not talking about ME2. I bought the game day one and sold it a week later. The story isn't even half as good as part 1. The gameplay needed tweaking (no blind fire? Welcome to 2010 people), the exclusion of visiting other planets, and most of all, how they turned Sheppard into some kinda anti hero who acts like he's Kratos bad ass, give me a break.

Galaxia3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I'm not sure if you realized, but Shepard only acts like an anti hero if you specifically make him act like that.

It is, an RPG, you know.

Edit: After reading the first bit of the article. I commend you for preferring Kelly over Miranda. I wanted to sleep with her too. I hope she's in ME3.

Kelly Chambers FTW! :P

Bobbykotickrulesz3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Why would I need 14 reasons to hate the game?

It's pretty awesome in my opinion.

Edit: Holy hell I have 2 bubbles again :D
*watches as everyone debubbles me for fun* DONT CRUSH MY SPIRIT

bangoskank3105d ago

Kelly chambers=whore.

I went for Tali. They better show her face in part III.

Darkstorn3105d ago

Guys, this is a joke article. ME2 is an excellent game and I have to admit, I agree with most of this guy's points and love the game all the more for it.

Sonyfanclubpresident3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I LOLed at the whole nitpicking opinionated worthless article.

The game smokes everything on the PS3........HANDS DOWN!

SDF fanboys know it and fear it.

GUCommander3105d ago

Note that it's an OPINION PIECE.

MiamiACR3105d ago

Just another rebellious teen writer who's trying to go against the tide of worship this game has received, probably wanted to go out like a rebel because the game has received universal acclaim and since I've played them both along with millions of other gamers who bought and loved the franchise I speak for all of us when I say, it was merited. Opinion piece it may be, but If I may I'd say it's a really really shitty opinion.

kneon3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I thought they seemed like reasonable criticisms for the most part. I've only played Mass Effect 1 but I could probably put together a similar list for that game. From the the sounds of it many of the issues I had with the first one have not been fixed or have been replaced by other problems.

I only bought the first one because everyone seemed to love it and I found it for $10 so it was worth a try. I never expected such a highly regarded game to be so tedious, uninteresting and easy.

I played the whole game using nothing but a pistol and only had some moderate level of trouble a couple of times. The final boss battle was not one of them, that was a joke, dead simple, just takes a while when you're alone with nothing but a pistol. My two NPCs died within the first couple of minutes.

Agent_Cody_Banks3105d ago

The only reason to hate it is because it isn't on PS3 and PSP. Right my brothers?

mikepmcc3105d ago

Ugh, give it a rest already and quit fishing for hits. And at least be topical, and don't pick a game to bash that came out six months ago.

blizzard_cool3105d ago

The fuck? Why would anyone hate on a good game? That's like naming 10 reasons to hate Uncharted 2, you can't even think of 5 to hate the game.

This kind of article is bullshit!

snowb4203105d ago

Because they need hits?

Acquiescence3105d ago

10 reasons to hate on Uncharted 2

1. Glazy, weird looking eyes on some characters
2. Gameplay segments featuring the relentless slaughtering of enemies, completely at odds with the family-toned nature of the cutscenes. Ooh look, Nathan made a pithy one-liner despite having just murdered a hundred mercenaries.
3. A formulaic end boss encounter
4. Respawning enemies
5. The femme fatale that didn't even look remotely attractive
6. There're only so many times you can watch someone hang on a ledge/cliffside by his/her fingertips before being saved at the last moment
7. Mythical beings/supernatural plot elements turning up at the end

Okay, I'm struggling now!

I'm making a point by the way that you can love a game, yet still light-heartedly poke fun at it. I thought Uncharted 2 was great, but you're always going to find things that bother you no matter how much you like something.

kneon3105d ago

Every game should be criticized for it's flaws and praised for it's achievements. What's the point of glossing over problem areas? Every game has things that could be improved. In Uncharted 2 the final boss battle was pretty lame, much like the final boss battle in Mass Effect 1. And I wish the platforming/puzzles were more difficult when you chose a harder difficulty. I could put together a very large list for Red Dead Redemption. Does that make it a bad game? Not at all, it just means that they could, and should try to do better next time.

But if no ones calls out devs when the screw up why should they bother trying to do better, especially when the games still get 10/10 scores and sell millions and millions of copies.

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