Surprise sequel announcements of E3 2010

Gaming Gauge writes: "With E3 less than a week away now hype and speculation have been running rampant with lots already revealed and much more still to come. The best parts of E3 though are the games we don’t see coming, even though we may really want them. Here’s just a few that would make E3 2010 even better than it already will be."

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The 10th Rider3106d ago

I think a new 4-player Kirby is likely, as it'd be a way to follow up on the success of NSMBW without milking the Mario series.

WildArmed3106d ago

Kirby looks plausible.

And how mean can they get by putting Chrono Trigger and Legend of Dragoon sequels (best RPGs ever!) when we know it's not going to happen :(

N4GAddict3106d ago

Come on Sony, make Legend of Dragoon 2!

Meryl3106d ago

or even just a remake for the first one in HD, it would be great:):)

kingdavid3106d ago

erm no square enix wont make a chrono sequel. They dont like to impress their consumer base anymore.

"I know! Lets make front mission evolved instead. Surely its gotta sell more???!!"

xHarvey3106d ago

I've never played Legend of Dragoon. (Is it on the PS store? If it's I'll pick it up) Everyone seems to want a sequel so it must have done something right. I'm pulling for that one because every website/forum I go to someone mentions that game.

eggbert3106d ago

I liked it as a kid, and it was a pretty damn big game. I still have the original PS1 discs, thats right discs. The game was so large they had to shovel onto FOUR CD-ROMS.

You can get the game off amazon for about $10-15, although it's probably on PSN as well.

klado3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

AS you nick goes, let me make clear this to you before hand....don't go with graphics whore-some at that game, cus your expectancy gonna rocket, game was solid and good if you love some fresh RPG, but it was even better at the time it was released, try it on psp though.

Grandia please or musashi...never could beat the last boss, expecting to.

Magnus3106d ago

Good news with Legend of Dragoon 2 I hope they do it and its done by Level 5 either a prequal showing the Dragoon Wars or a true sequal would be awsome. Chrono Trigger that would be great I hope they use Yasunori Mitsuda again for the music in the sequal. What I really want to see is Square retap the Xenogears game and either finish the game or create the prequals to it specially if Xenogears is episode 5 and there is suppose to be six episodes.

jc485733106d ago

how you want level 5 to work on the next legend of dragoon. Just make sure they bring back the guy (whatever his name is) who worked on the game as the producer. what i always liked about legend of dragoon is that the game is full of potential kinda like White Knight Chronicles (well, wish they didn't downgraded the game so much).

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