Platform Nation: MW2 Resurgence Package DLC Review

Andrew Hunt from Platform Nation reviews Infinity Wards latest piece of DLC; Resurgence Package. "In this review I will try and make you look differently towards the pricing and try and tell you that it’s only aimed at the “hardcore” MW2 gamer." - from the review.

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Nathan V3053d ago

Nice review. I've been meaning to pick these up.

AAACE53053d ago

It's getting harder and harder to not buy these packs. Especially considering the fact that I still play MW 2 everyday!

I might just have to breakdown and get em.

DirtyLary3053d ago

They are actually good.
Price is high, but the map quality is also.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Yh the map quality looks good, but only because they've put CoD4 maps in there. I still play MW2, but only when friends are on it. I'd rather play CoD4 tbh than buy the new packs because I have more fun on MW1.

waterboy3053d ago

and now here comes the cod hate squad

Alcon Caper3053d ago

Just bubble down the COD hate trolls.

BTW, I'm definitely gonna pick these up. I keep coming back and still have lots of fun.

huzzaahh3052d ago

MY issue isn't COD, it's the price of the map packs. If you buy both map packs, you will have payed half of what the game originally costed. You will have payed 1.5x more on this one game than other games.

I honestly don't find COD as glitchy as everybody keeps whining about, but I have lost interest in playing it. I go back every so often, but I've just gotten tired of it.

bjornbear3053d ago

gamers that vote with their dollars and don't buy broken crap?

yep, bubble me and everyone else down because I actually stand up and say ITS BROKEN

Alcon Caper3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Your hate has blinded you from the score of 10/10 for the map pack. This review is about the map pack, not MW2. The map pack. But some people seem to think that the review concentrates solely on the game called Modern Warfare 2. When in fact it's not about Modern Warfare 2. The 10/10 review that Platform Nation has given is for the Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package DLC Map pack.

Therefore, Modern Warfare 2 "haters" deserve to be bubbled down for *drum roll please* STAYING OFF TOPIC.

Jack-Pyro3053d ago

Basic application of tatics and strategy are always the sure fire way to win.

When people tac-knife, I shotgun.

When people noobtube, I use alternate routes to go and sneak up from behind.

When people camp, I flank.

I have a great time while doing this too.

BossKamikaze3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Exactly what you should do!

BossKamikaze3053d ago

This review is for the map pack, not MW2. Yes the Stimulus Package had problems and was broken but this map pack is far from broken. Please acknowledged this next time.

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Jack-Pyro3053d ago

I don't know why COD gets the hate it gets, I've been playing for over 7 months now, and I'm still not bored with it.

New maps, while expensive are a small price to pay when it gives me something new to experience in a game I love.

BTW, Carnival = <3, I love the shit outa that map, so fun ^.^

Alcon Caper3053d ago

"The Resurgence Package is well worth the 1200msp price tag BUT only if your a “hardcore” MW2 gamer and play the game day in and day out. If your the gamer that only plays MW2 now and again, you should save your money because this map pack was aimed at the “hardcore” fans."

Definitely gonna pick these up.

jeseth3052d ago

I was drooling for vacant when the Stimulus pack came out. MW2 has its down points (commando, akimbo shotguns - what human on earth can accurately shoot two shotguns while running? - or two shotguns at the same time for that matter, heartbeat/thermal, crazy noob tubing, killstreaks, etc.) but it is still one of the most fun games to play with your friends online.

Sometimes it gets frustrating, but its still a lot of fun with your friends. I find that most of the people who hate on it are usually people that can't adapt to a lot of the varied ways people play.

nikkisixx23053d ago

Thanks for the introduction waterboy

booni33053d ago

the online is bulls maneur. tell me, how can it be fun if you only get to live 3 seconds after spawning? this game is inferior to bad company 2.

Brewski0073053d ago

Lol "Hate squad" , really! haha. Get your pitchforks ready men!.

Fuel looks good but the rest look just ok. Its not worth 10/10 i.e. 100% unless your a biased reviewer which I suspect this guy is. I would also say its not worth 15 bucks for two rehashed maps and 3 new ones. I'd rather save my money.

bumnut3053d ago

stop it please, nothing is worth 10/10 especially a map pack

Dnied3053d ago

somehow I knew it'd be a 9 or 10 before i clicked it

I'd say the price alone drops it a point or 2 lol

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