Project Gotham Racing 4 E3 2007 Straightaway Gameplay: Bike vs Car

A motorcycle and sports car reach top speeds as they race against each other through a lengthy stretch of track.

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Crazyglues5423d ago

I was a little concerned when they first announced that it would be 30 but now, after seeing that and seeing all the detail the car and bike has, and how smooth it looks I think it's going to play fine.

All I need to do now is buy that Xbox 360 racing Wheel. -I hope they better integrated the wheel this time, because a lot of people said it wasn't done right for PGR3 which is what stop me from buying it.

OC_MurphysLaw5423d ago

For PGR3 the wheel came along much later and was implemented with a patch basically. The core game never had the wheel support built in and the addition of the wheel is not perfect. That said the wheel works FANTASTIC for Forza2 and I suspect it will be just as solid on PGR4 now that its being designed from day 1 with the wheel out there.

I have heard mixed thoughts on the wheel w/ Dirt so dont know how well it works there. I do know that any game so far that the wheel came out after pretty much feels very difficult in terms of control, etc. Test Drive plays horribly w/ the wheel without the "realistic/hardcore" patch.

power of Green 5423d ago

Unless you're a different Crazyglues that was a crazy Sony fanboy that use to trash this site. Not saying you're that same crazzyglue but there was a rabid anti MS grazyglue on this site.

Crazyglues5423d ago

I have never trashed this site, I love it's one of my fav sites.

And I have always said I own all three systems from the very beginning - Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii... but My true system is the computer.

Games on Computer are just Amazing, I'm a huge F.E.A.R fanatic on PC I played that like everyday when they made the Mulit-player free to anyone who wanted it..

I also love Farcry on PC but since my Dell XPS has had problems with a hard drive crash rebuilding has been hard. And I am now trying to be a true PC gamer by building my own Gaming PC.

Need something sick to run Crysis with no problems. But in the mean time I have been enjoying console gaming on PS3-resistance and Xbox 360-rainbow six:vegas I love sony for it's power but take nothing away from 360 because it's just as amazing a system as PS3 is.

-So I don't think it was me you meant, at least I don't see how it could be me.

power of Green 5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Whats up with that Call of Duty Memory news post thats not even true?, the 360 will always have games where you need a Mem-card or HDD blah blah blah its been that way sence it launched and you could post 100 different post about it with many games lol. I don't think theres two crazzyglues i think you're that Sony fanboy i could be wrong.

EDIT: @-u Crazzyglues

Better yet why do you post rubbish here on N4G'$

Qoute: Infinity Ward community relations manager Robert Bowling told MyGamerCard that the icon should be disregarded. "The game can still be played by users with and without Storage devices (HDD / Memory Card)," he said, adding that you won't be able to save without some storage. We're still awaiting word from Activision".

Posting common sense as news is agenda based the 360 doesn't have built-in storage thus thinking theres agenda behind your reasoning. Not to mention the first thing you do when posting this thread is comment first to tell people how you think the game looks good running at 30 fps does the average person care about that?, thats something PS3 fanboys care about. Ifg it looks good thats all that needs to be said.

"I hope they better integrated the wheel this time"

^^ which wheel? the MS wheel wasn't out when PGR3 was released it was a launch game.

Crazyglues5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Whats up with that Call of Duty Memory news post thats not even true? how do you figure it's not true, and what's wrong with that story, I think it's a concern all 360 owners have I know I worry about running out of space and having to delete my old games, in-order to have space for new games...

But if you had comments about the story why didn't you post them there so people could see them and see if they agree or disagree with you?

Don't post it here, keep it real and post it there then. See how many people felt it was a valid story - last I checked it was at 460 degress, seems pretty hot topic if you ask me.

As far as me talking about the racing wheel and the game playing at 30 fps... that because I'm a huge fan of the game or did you fail to read that part, and I didn't state the fps rate the company that made the game did in another article where they said the would Not run at 60 fps but they felt it was better to go with 30 fps since they would still have the quality needed but add to the experience.

Of course the wheel was not out at the time but, the wheel does come with PGR3, so if your going to go around and analyze everything I say - try not to make sh$* up, or draw speculation. Instead pay attention to what I do say.

Dude it's gaming its really not that serious, if anything you sound like a Microsoft fanboy. Stop clocking me and look at your self in the mirror, and if you feel you still need to comment on my stories take a deep breath step away from the computer, go outside get some air, it's a big world out there, I'm sure you can find something more important to do with your time.

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Rhezin5423d ago

meh I'll just use my controller, I'll look like a monkey trying to manhandle that tiny steering wheel.

Fan Tastic5423d ago

just PGR3/GT:HD where the replay's look so much better than actual gameplay. also, why is there a box around the bike?

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