FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage AU Review

There's something so gratifying about hauling a bucket of bolts along a muddy farmyard track at 100mph; caressing its rusty hulk sideways around two tight tree-lined corners before knocking down the doors to a barn and flying through, sending hay bales flying, all while duelling with another racer, who meets an untimely demise when you slam him off the course and into a caravan

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Dr Pepper5419d ago

Looks pretty good and not a bad review at all. With not that many new games out right now, I might pick this up.

sak5005419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

Did u try the demo? Its quite fun. I'll pick it up as well.

Edit: POG did u chk out XBL? I believe its been there for a few days now. Also d/l Harry Potter, surf's up, Darkness demos.

Edit edit: Ahh i thought you meant demo.

power of Green 5419d ago

Its still only for Europe?.

Tommie5419d ago

Flatout: UC has been out in Europa since June 22. Its released on October 2 in US I guess.

RedSoakedSponge5419d ago

and i can proudly say its ones of my fave games released and i own like 30 games at the mo! (Im from the UK) id give it a 9/10 at the lowest, its just so damn fun. online play is awesome aswell. Everyone with a braincell should buy this game. Seriously amazing!


5419d ago
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