Gamestop Glitch Gets You Split Second for $30

Gamestop is running a Father’s Day buy 1 get 1 %50 off selected video game titles, but apparently one game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 game is getting the %50 off blessing without buying another game.

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Nitrowolf24668d ago

this is not a glitch its part of there advertisment

Desz4668d ago

They are having a father's day deal, but Split Second can be bought right now for $29.99 without buying a game at all. Read the post Nitro.

Nitrowolf24668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I did read the Post, you should read the ad better and check whats in the selected list that this applies to
this is the link to the title that are selected for this promotion, Notice even NFL 10 is in there, this is no glitch or error just part of there deal

Notice it just says buy a game 39.99 or more and get selected game's 50% it doesn't mean you have to buy 2 games, if that game is already over that price and is a selected title

there are 6 titles in there that has this

on the side note i love how GS did this just lowered it by1 peeny so it doesn't apply to this game

FrankenLife4668d ago

The dude is right. It isn't a glitch. Any of the games on the list that cost 39.99 and up get 50% off. It is a great deal, and I just might do it.

N4GAddict4668d ago

Either way, it is a great deal.

Nitrowolf24668d ago

thats true, i think i will order split second

RXL4668d ago

That game is actually pretty fun...ill def be ordering this...

real dope

chiwoo4668d ago

i aleady broght my copy from bestbuy

SpLinT4668d ago

i got this game for pc for free hahaaahha . If I had an Xbox I would buy it though, cant stand driving with buttons. for 30 bucks, hell yea.

BannedForNineYears4668d ago

That's kinda what this game's worth.

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The story is too old to be commented.