10 Games that MUST be announced at E3


"There are always a few desired titles that were rumored to be announced, or simply just anticipated by the fans but sadly not announced. One (or more) years later we are brought to that same moment of suspense, with an increased desire that our dream game will be announced finally!

This is a list of 10 of those games (and I know there are MANY more) that NEED to be announced at E3 this year or gamers might simply explode into a chaotic riot group and lay waste to the E3 Expo! Well okay- at least their bedrooms in a petulant tanty?"

BadCircuit5161d ago

Please Eternal Darkness 2 and Elder Scrolls 5!!!! Good list

gaminoz5161d ago

Yeah those two would be great, but so would another Hitman!

I think Beyond Good and Evil is pretty dead...

deadreckoning6665161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Crappy list IMO. Hitman 5? LOL

Wheres Mortal Kombat 9?

@qface- Well, thats ur opinion. U'll understand when it gets announced next week :)

@Ronster316- If Shenmmue 3 gets announced, I might get a heart attack.

qface645161d ago

mortal kombat 9? LOL and you called it a crappy list LOL

its like being called filthy by a homeless bum
the nerve LOL

Mista T5161d ago

man I can't wait honestly for MK9, they said it was gonna be so gruesome it could be in rated A territory.

but yeah, pretty crappy list except from a couple.

Silly gameAr5161d ago

MK9 would be sweet as hell.

ShinMaster5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Ok list.

But, Jesus, people need to stop with the FF7 remake crap. Leave the game be. There are better FF games out there to be remade! I.e. games that haven't been 3D yet.

Now, maybe a PS3 Syphon Filter. Hopefully Resistance 3.
Also a new Zelda on the Wii would be good, cause if that doesn't happen lots of peeps will be disappointed.

KH3 would be awesome, but I have slowly started losing interest in the game as well as Versus 13.

Godem5161d ago

They've already pretty much confirmed Zelda though.

ShinMaster5161d ago

You're right. I just hope they show some pretty good stuff and not just a short trailer.

Godem5161d ago

Well I can agree with that :)

XboxOZ3605161d ago

There's been talk on all of those, but there's a good chance several will have mention at this yrs expo. As several developers have some 'private' behind closed doors events they are not speaking about to media until E3 . . .so anything is possible.

5161d ago
Mista T5161d ago

ehhh, really don't have any interest in any of those except a new Doom and HL2 Ep3.

Ronster3165161d ago

1. Shenmue III
2. Guardian Heroes 2
3. Streets of Rgae 4 (2D of course)
4. Powerstone 3 (time to bring back high quality multiplayer beat em up mayhem)
5. Onimusha 5/ Dino Crisis 4/ God Hand 2 (Take your pick)

Chances of any of the above been announced? very slim indeed :-(