1.90 PS3 Firmware Update Hits Japan

Like most of the time, Japan gets it first, and we can only wait.

• Ability to rearrange games on the XMB
• Option menu now includes "eject disk"
• Press triangle to eject games/CDs/movies in the XMB
• XMB backgrounds
• Change the folder classification
• Emoticons
• Change CD output to 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
• Force 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI
• Change PS3 video settings in-game
• "Bit Mapping" in the "Music Setting"
• Save AVCHD type animations from a Memory Stick
• Change settings like upscaling while playing PS and PS2 games
• Add bookmarks
• Web browser security function in the browser's tool section
• Avatar moves during audio visual chat

achira6118d ago

nice feature list. i like it!

Marceles6118d ago

The Heavenly Sword demo, 1.9 firmware, and the launch of Hot Shots Golf 5 in Japan...things are really picking up

Phantom_Lee6118d ago

I have been waiting for the custom background for awhile now..


As I've thinked, looks like the in-game access to XMB will come only in the 2.0 update...

Anyway, this are quite good features to come.

R0l36118d ago

It's a good enough update, I suppose the 2.00 will come out next month.

Sevir046118d ago

of the xmb in game so this is just one step closer to that. in any case it's freakin great to see sony continuing to do so much everytime they update. the changing of BG is a nice touch. bring it over here and i'll be happy