My Parent's Wii Party

A Story of a Boy.

"Last year, I brought my Wii home for Thanksgiving. Not so much to show it off, but more to give me something to do while I was there. besides, I was loathe to leave it behind since I had just purchased it. Once it was up and running I dragged my rather skeptical parents down to check it out. It should be noted that my parents' last run in with video games was when they bought my brother and I an Atari 2600 back in the day. They enjoyed it then, but only just. It should also be noted that my folks are pushing sixty (sorry, mom) and video games are not something they think of doing as entertainment."

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dontbefoo5423d ago

i have ps3 now i am planning on getting a Wii..

but its sold out all the time.. that suxks

Lord Anubis5423d ago

I don't have a wii yet and I might have to wait till Galaxies.

deepujatt20055423d ago

i want to get a WII but i allready spented $780 on a PS3 and i love it.. i might get it on christmas.. i guass

Devilbringer5423d ago

now that i have my ps3 is time to save up money for a wii.

Karebear5422d ago

after reading the Kotaku comments.

I... am a graphics snob.

I've been gaming since my first computer a Texas Instruments 99/4a. It was a hand me down but it was fun. But I always looked at my friends Commodore 64 and thought, wow that looks amazing! I wish I had that!

Then I got a Commodore 128 and it was good... until I saw the first Nintendo Entertainment system. I thought This is AMAZING! It was head and shoulders above anything on the market. It took me six years but I finally got one (Hey its hard for a little kid to raise that kinda cash).

Then I saw my first real PC graphics and things like Wing Commander. I sold the NES after six months and got a PC.

I was PC gamer for nearly 10 years, always on the buy more RAM, buy a new video card, upgrade the computer every 2 years cycle, until I realized it was just a waste of money. I swore off Microsoft and Windows and decided I was done with gaming. Until I saw the Playstation 2.

I bought the PS2 a month after launch and I've been hooked ever since. I ALMOST got an Xbox due to its superior graphics, but I just didn't trust Microsoft. I'm glad I didn't. The PS3 was a no brainer when it came out. I got mine on launch day and have loved it ever since.

Does that make me a "hard core" gamer? I dunno... maybe. I don't really fit that mode. I really just like the best graphics combined with great gameplay. I also want that balanced with longevity of my investment and reliability. No more 2 year upgrade cycles for me!

I look at the Wii... and I think that this just can't last. Maybe one or two years tops. Its not going to pull out the 6 year PS2 life I had mine for. I'd go bonkers with graphic envy! :)

Anyway, I'm glad everyone else on the planet seems to enjoy the Wii. I tried, I really did. The controls were sloppy and no where near what I expected them to be when I tried one. My PSP graphics "seem" better than the Wii's. I just can't get into it.

Good luck in three years Nintendo. Your a great company, your just not for me.

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