3D on PS3 Could Result in Wii-Like Shovelware Being Pumped Out

With the recent announcement that Sony plans on implementing new 3D options in re-releases of old titles, it looks like we’re about to take another innovation in technology and use it to hold ourselves back. If that sounds confusing or like somewhat of an oxymoron, it shouldn’t because we’ve already experienced the exact same thing with waggle and motion controls.

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Wrathman4031d ago

agreed.especially with MOVE on the horizon.damn shovelware is already demo'd.wash and shave any monkeys lately?

Ps_alm3k4032d ago

and you think that all 10 plus sony developers will all make shovelwares?
I'll let you know that, only third-party will make them and first party will still be hardcore.
I cannot say the same with the W!! and xbox, they barely have 2 first party.

Fishy Fingers4032d ago

This is the second article saying this and while it is potentially true, people can decide for themselves what to spend their money on, whether you consider that shovelware or not.

Plus, if Sony really want to push 3D they'll be sure to offer the best content possible to push people into buying that new 3D set up.

3D will be no different from anything else, you have to be selestive with the content you buy.

THC CELL4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

im well up for 3d spec with Killzone 3

and GT5