New 40nm PS3s Start Shipping

Remember those recent FCC filings which reported that brand new PS3s were in development at Sony with the new 40nm graphic chip? Well, rumour has it they’ve started shipping.

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SupeerSteebbi4859d ago

Sony deserves all the money they are going to make from all the PS3s they're going to sell.

Anarki4859d ago

I'm debating to sell my 60gb ps3 for a slim 40nm... Since I got my 60gb back from Sony due to my last one breaking, I've had nothing but shit from it.. The fan kicks in to the max within 5 minutes of playing.... It's hard to hear my tv at times..

gtamike4859d ago

My upgrade 60GB - 320GB is fine :)

Anarki4859d ago

I upgraded the hard drive in my 60gb to 320gb... but I'm talking about selling it and getting a slim.. my parents are nazi about electricity consumption, so it'll be a win/win I guess :/

Pennywise4859d ago

The slim is super quiet compared to my old 60gig.

Red-Dead-Roar4859d ago

my fan was the same. sold it and got a slim. heaven.

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sikbeta4859d ago

Of Course Sony deserves all the money and they'll get All the Money, The PS3 is EPIC-AWESOME...

failsoles4859d ago

Sony hasnt yet made anything on the PS3 fyi. Infact they are way in over thier heads in losses.

While the rest of the industry now is in a transition to 22nm, Sony is still catching up.

nickjkl4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

from the ps3 maybe but doesnt sony make money off of the playstation store and home and the games they sell as well as ps2

gamingisnotacrime4859d ago

I got a slim after my 80Gb fully loaded fatso died on me and i did not wanted a cheap fix. All in all i see the slim as a downgrade. My fatso had lots of features like media card readers and BC, the slim is cheaply made, the plastic sounds as the console gets very hot (Sony states this is normal due to expansion caused by heat), the ventilation sucks and the BluRay drive sounds like a printer. I even use a laptop cooler for the slim, dont be fooled it gets very hot inside the clam shell plastic. The one thing i like about the slim is the HDMI connection with the tv, it turns on the tv and puts the PS3 input automatically once i turn on the PS3

NYPunk884859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

"The new 40nm RSX runs cooler."

Got to love technology. *Is thinking about trading up in a couple of weeks*

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coolcut1354859d ago

so im guessing stock problems r goin to be solved soon.

TheMART4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

"The new models, which sport a lighter, cooler RSX, are identified with the product code CECH-2101A and are apparently already in the new ModNation Racers bundles here in Europe, although we can’t confirm that."

I can confirm this is NOT true. At least, I haven't seen them in several shops in my country, The Netherlands.

I was going for the Modnation PS3 250GB pack, went to some stores and ALL of these bundle packages have the old CECH-2004A codes.

As I only wanted the newest hardware 40nm RSX and 45nm Cell, I went for the normal PS3 120GB Slim version that was available with the CECH-2104A code, thus the newest hardware. I have this PS3 Slim besides my fat now since about a week, and probably they were just in as there also were CECH2004A 120GB Slim packs between them on the shelves.

It seems Sony is shifting those older hardware Slims in bundles and starting with separate PS3's to have the CECH-2104A/new hardware.

I'll now get Modnation for free with my subscription for OPM Benelux, only thing is the box of the 120GB Slim is more boring than that great Modnation bundle box. It would have made a nice sight together with my PS3 80GB Fat LBP pack... Ah well. Good non YLOD hardware > a carton box anyways.

RedDevils4859d ago

wtf this guy talking about? Do you think you're some kind of insider and know everything haha nice dream, it time to wake up before your mom start getting the bucket of water :P

devilhunterx4859d ago

Looks at TheMart's avatar. Ignore entire rant.

GameOn4858d ago

In fact he seems very positive.

Tripl3seis4859d ago

Bout time sony people are hungry for this machine sony ftw!!!!