White Gold: War in Paradise - Four exclusive screenshots

Deep Shadows' White Gold: War in Paradise takes place in a small Caribbean nation rife with conflict among factions ranging from the government and its army to rebels, drug cartels, native Indians and criminal gangs. Described as a blend of first-person shooter and RPG, if lists a number of interesting features such as an open gameworld and a non-linear story. The team is implementing a character system with the option to emphasize stealth or diplomacy over fighting skills. However, players will have access to more than 30 weapon types, and can also control tanks, trucks, helicopters, gunboats and other vehicles.

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ben hates you4526d ago

i would call it a crysis+GTA+oblivion like game

Cartesian3D4526d ago

textures are extremely HIGH RES... but lighting is horrible .. reminds me Far Cry ... and at some points ( First screen ) Trees are so FLAT..

it needs some work.. dont compare it to Crysis plz .. its sth like FarCry in term of quality..

anyway textures are AMAZING .. but it isnt enough at all for making sth overall amazing..