Natal Is The Real Deal, No Lag

Hour zero for Project Natal is just around the corner, lucky members of the media are getting their first play test with natal just before E3. The latest hands-on impressions come straight from Dublin by video games website, The Gaming Liberty. Two skeptics from TGL attended a behind closed doors first look at Microsoft’s Project Natal and their overall consensus was extremely positive, shedding some light on Natal’s possible lag problem.

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dangert124870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

i love the concept of natal but i don't believe its lagless if it was they would of been showing off what its capabilities are its realsed it a few months and all we know we can do is play a dodge ball type game no prooof of lagless gameplay between how may different videos and hands on's i've way i will wait a few months to see for myself not a day one even though i like its potential it could be an exspensive flop with lag and an influx of casual titles thats not how i do

Traveler4869d ago

I'm sorry, but that's really poor reasoning. Most likely Microsoft have simply wanted to save everything for its grand unveiling instead of watering down its impact with a steady stream of smaller reveals.

THC CELL4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Natal will lag online

also its Pointless why are you all hyping this up lol eyetoy been out years

Ill stick to move i think its a lot better than been controller less

chase1674870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

funny funny video

THC CELL4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

prob cost all my bubbles but fook it lol

http://www.youtube.com/watc... at 1:35 Move is better than natal now end this little motion war cause Natal is going to end up like the HDDVD

People will only get it and think WHY did i waste my money

or I love this it controls my dashboard

And milo is now my best friend or Kate is my new Girlfriend
I hope a rage comes along from the bbc side ( in the news today Milo is a gateway to pedos ) lol

E3 is the last chance natal has to prove it self im telling u
it will fail

Unless they show u call of duty or halo been played
AND not wave ya arm to reload weapons
or throw ya arm to toss Nades cause no thats not full game play

i want to aim,shoot,turn,duck into cover and blind fire, show my ass, tea bag,do a fooking hand stand the lot if natal is so amazing with full body tracking

i want it like the film Gamer

siyrobbo4870d ago

why would you want it to be like a film that sucks donkey balls?

maxcer4869d ago

you're bubbles are gone because your a ps3faboy douche

JustSkylarkin4870d ago

You can't really compare the EyeToy to the Natal. That'd be like comparing a Mini to a Jaguar.

Milky4870d ago

nobody (including you) on N4G has any idea if Natal is better or worse than EyeToy. We haven't tried it so we should reserve our claims until we have.

XactGamer4870d ago

How is it that some people who make regular comments get reported as trolling but comments like THC CELL never get removed? I mean like 98% of all his/her comments are nothing but trolling but yet here he is day after day trollng. Do you ever just get tired bro? Did the Xbox kick your dog in the nuts or something?

sGIBMBR4870d ago

Not to sound like an ass or anything but i already have Move, it's called the "Wii" how is it not any different from what i already have?

However Natal is something different, but still, i probably wont buy it as it's not my thing, i prefer real games, I'm not much for the social/casual games.

fr0sty4869d ago

well, first of all, move is a hell of a lot more accurate than your wii. second, it can actually play it's games in HD, and 3D as well. third, it also has a camera for facial and voice recognition, as well as full body controller-less motion tracking (see kung fu live!), and it has the capability to re-calibrate itself up to 120 times per second, unlike wii (even motion plus) which can only be calibrated at the beginning of a level, and who's accuracy slowly drifts off of the original calibration as time goes on.

madmonkey04869d ago

if move is the same as the wii, then why is natal different from teh eye toy?

hennessey864870d ago

you stick with ur wii wanabe and well play the future ha ha ha what a fangirl it amazes me the lengths some of these fangirls go to im defo getting natal but it depends on how much move costs i cant be botherd shelling out for 4 controls

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yoghurt4870d ago

No lag, apart from in the latest video that was shown, lag from the lady lag from the young lad - where are these no lag videos?

HurstDarkStar4870d ago

no lag..........................w heres the proof i honestly want to see where he got that from