Dreamcast Games Leaked From Korean Ratings Board

Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi were found on Korea’s Game Ratings board as Xbox Live Arcade release titles. This falls in line with a rumor of Sega Dreamcast games being released on Xbox Live.

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brandynevils3063d ago

this is good news. I want to see XBLA fleshed out more.

SKGamer3063d ago

I absolutely hated Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, so I'm not touching the original.

But Crazy Taxi I might try if its cheap

mau643063d ago

Yeah the sonic games weren't something I really enjoyed but I want to see some of the more obscure games make it into XBLA.

N4GAddict3063d ago

I thought Sonic Adventure was great. Not sure how it holds up today though

unknownhero11233063d ago

I'm sure it still holds up great. I can't wait for these to come out.

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ThatArtGuy3063d ago

My daughter plays nothing BUT Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

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smashly3063d ago

Finally happening I hope.

N4GAddict3063d ago

I hope this means more Dreamcast ports in the future.

mau643063d ago

I'm sure if this comes true that will happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.