Which is better: Split/Second or Blur?

Travis of TGF writes:

"In the past two weeks, two publishers, known for other titles, released their own versions of what they think a racing game should be. I am sure that everyone knows who Disney is. If not, stop reading this, and go watch the Lion King. Got it? Okay, moving on. If anything was to be published by Disney, we would have expected some kiddie-like game. On the other hand, we have Activision, a company known to release all types of games, including: Call of duty, Guitar Hero, and Tony Hawk. I guess with new technology, comes new ideas. At least that is what went through the minds of the two companies."

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FanboyAttack4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Split Second is so meh compared to Blur. And give credit where credit was due it was Bizarre Creations that made this game. Bizarre makes good racing games like the PGR series, Blur is as fun as PGR. Activision is just the publisher, same for Disney Interactive they just published it Blackrock made it.

cpuchess4245d ago

I agree. I played the demo of Split Second and I knew I would be bored with that in a day or two. Blur is very well done.

Blaze9294245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

again, agree. Blur completely wipes the floor with Split Second's generic cars. I played (and beat) Split/Second in a week and got Rank #1 online in just two hours. I'm pretty much done with the game and trading it in tomorrow.

The rubberband, err excuse me, 'sling-shot' AI is ridiculously difficult and stupid. The game modes are so little it gets boring fast. The cars are all generic and not real. Tracks are in few numbers. You can't even set how many laps you want to race online or offline. Online you can't set ANYTHING but your car. The online community (360 version) is small and I swear it's like a certain time every day at night when the game just becomes completely empty. There is likely NO WAY in hell you are going to unlock every car and track because that requires coming in 1st place in every season race. They 'stupidly' released DLC to unlock everything so online you either buy the DLC or get crushed everytime buy people who cheated their way to the best cars.

I can't rant enough on how much Black Rock Studios failed with Split/Second. AMAZING concept - TERRIBLE execution.

Split/Second is completely mediocre.

Blur however, I'm having a FANTASTIC time playing and i've only been playing online since it came out. Game is way too fun.

Oh, and this is just my opinion.

Old Greg4245d ago

Its like Mario Kart for big boys, lol.

Split Second is fucking stupid. A gimmick. Like Stuntman, but with a competitive racing aspect in it.

MmaFanQc4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

i rented both games i blur is better, its like....Wipeout+Mario Kart+Project Gotham+Geometry Wars(kinda with the color effects)+Burnout

splitsecond is fun but blur is simply better...IMO

AAACE54245d ago

I like Blur more! SS just didn't seem as interesting as they hyped it to be.

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AliTheBrit194245d ago

Still got both on my rent list, May has been a busy month

But I enjoyed the Split/Second demo more than Blur.

avengers19784245d ago

Split/Second is fun as hell. The races against the attack helicopter are fantastic. I can't say anything about Blur, but I do really enjoy S/S

FanboyAttack4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

What's a flop-nation?

@avengers yes, split second is fun but this writer hits the nail on the head with the analysis of the racing. There's only so much variation, and if you get into first its kind of a boring race. The stunt effects are cool but kind of gimmicky. But, alot of the races are boring because you are just driving by yourself with noone else in sight. I liked the timed runs with the rigged explosives in SS those seemed to be the coolest most "intense" sequences for me.

I like Split Second but lost interest as soon as Blur came out, Blur is addictive as a game I have played in awhile.

mrv3214245d ago

A game that uses servers and free online... you probably don't know they exists?

redDevil874245d ago


my 10 year old cousin could make up a better insult then that. Or are you 10?

White-Sharingan4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

a game that brings innovation to consoles just like littlebigplanet did, "play,create, share". You know, something that will never be found on the Xbox 360, because of the online policy? You can't believe the amazing levels that has been created on LBP, and this will be the same. What a stupid jack-ass

Silly gameAr4245d ago

Dude, he didn't say anything about you and your love for Blur. It's his opinion just like you thinking Blur is the greatest thing ever for some reason.

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ElementX4245d ago

I don't like racing, but I was thinking of getting Blur. I like the idea of a more "grown up" Mario Kart.

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